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My First Total War: Warhammer Campaign

Technically my second Total War campaign, but my first Warhammer one. Warhammer is a totally new IP for me. I’ve never touched anything from Games Workshop at all, for that matter. Total War: Warhammer has piqued my interest though. I’ve tagged Battlefleet Gothic Armada and the newly announced Dawn of War III on Stream. The story just seems to transition from fantasy to sci-fi, but I’m a sucker for the whole good versus evil trope.

In my campaign I chose the Empire, a nation of men, playing on Normal difficulty. Emperor Karl Franz was my starting Legendary Lord. I managed to complete the campaign in 106 turns. Another YouTuber commented on my final video that 106 turns was pretty good. That made me feel kinda proud, considering I could have finished it sooner if I had paid attention to the victory conditions. I also managed to finish it on my first try. Can’t say that about the Chaos campaign I am currently in the middle of now. I’m on the fourth or fifth try. I’ve literally lost count.

I uploaded all 22 videos of my Empire campaign into the playlist above on YouTube. That’s about 15 hours of total gameplay if you’ve got some time to kill. I’m trying to really work on my YouTube channel now. Splitting content between here, streaming, and YouTube is really quite time intensive. I’m trying to figure out which one, or combination, is the best use of my time. My life is filled with tons of little projects right now, with no end in sight. That’s why this blog has mostly changed to a personal updates theme.

Steam Summer Sale 2016

I want to remind you about the Steam summer sale going on right now. It looks to be a pretty good sale. It looks like Steam is trying something different again this year. All games that are going to be on sale, are on sale throughout the entire event. The only thing that changes is what’s featured on the front page. I kind of like the idea, although I do admit I miss the thrill of seeing what’s new every day at 1 PM EST. I plan to pick up one or two titles. I’m mostly waiting to see which game I’m playing now that I get bored with before July 4th.

Humble Bundle Changes

Another of my favorite places to get games is also apparently changing things up. Initially they had one new bundle every week, and one new bundle that lasted for two weeks. Then, a few months ago, they changed it to make each bundle last every two weeks. You still got a new bundle every week. Right now they only have one bundle up, but in the past week or so they’ve offered temporary bundles that, for example, lasted 72 hours. I also got a survey last week about the monthly bundle. It’s excited to see whatever changes they make to the monthly bundles, but I am actually sad that there isn’t a second regular bundle up right now. That’s some good marketing on their part. I also recently changed which charity my purchases help to a local charity. Yet another awesome feature brought to you by Humble Bundle. If you aren’t buying through them, you really should be.

Everything You Could Want To Know About DOOM (2016)

DOOM Campaign Gameplay Overview Video

I’ve gushed so much over DOOM on stream and Twitter that I totally forgot to put something here. Streaming takes up TONS of time, and I’ve also got an offline hobby, another special project, a full time job, and of course life itself to live. I’m finding myself more and more pressed for time. So it really sucked when I made my initial DOOM review video. It was bad. So I redid it into something I am a little more proud of. It’s spoiler free. I’m especially proud of the timing at the end.

If you watch the video, and are just totally compelled to try DOOM afterwards, you’re in luck. Currently the first chapter is free as a demo. Much like the first chapter was put out as shareware back in 1993. Lots of nostalgia there, and a very slick move by Bethesda. Do it soon though, they’re threatening to end it soon. Type “DOOM demo” on Steam, and that’ll get it for you.

The End of DOOM Credits

I found the ending credits to be really amazing, both graphics-wise and music-wise. It’s an incredible montage to both this game, and the ones that came before it. Incredibly well done all around.  I captured it all with pretty minimal commentary by me. There are spoilers, so watch at your own risk. It’s just under 4 minutes, but I turned off all the ads and stuff. I’ve already watched it three times personally.

Future DOOM Plans

I’m toying with redoing the game on stream again. I don’t think it was a big hit with my viewers, but being bad at a game can do that too. I haven’t played FPS games for years, RPG games even longer. I enjoyed the game a ton, and think I may enjoy doing it again on a higher difficulty.

SnapMap additions are coming. This is one of the big features I wanted to take advantage of when I bought DOOM. I have an idea already in my head, but the current features of SnapMap won’t quite let me bring it to life. Luckily an update later this month will open the features I need. I’m very excited to work on that, though it may have to be an off-stream project because again, not sure how popular level building is with viewers.

There’s also an expansion to come, and with that ending? Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Any world. Including Mars.

You can watch my entire DOOM campaign here!

My WarCraft Movie Review (No Spoilers)

warcraft movie title

Warcraft Movie Creates New Fans And Rallies Old Ones

I think the marketing for this movie is pretty tough. Only because of how successful World of Warcraft is. Whenever someone who doesn’t play World of Warcraft hears Warcraft, they probably relate it to World of Warcraft. This Warcraft movie, however, takes place 30 years before World of Warcraft. The movie takes place during Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, which is the very first Warcraft game released almost 22 years ago. The Warcraft movie is the origin story for Blizzard’s franchise masterpiece. It has apparently been panned by critics, but with over $300 million in it’s opening weekend, it’s clear the critics just don’t understand. And how can they? I’m betting most of them haven’t touched a single Warcraft title.

My Own Introduction To The Warcraft Franchise

The story stays right on track with the first game. I remember getting the game one Christmas. I had no idea what a WarCraft was then, but I ended up playing it that same morning (Human campaign of course). I had a conversation about it with my Dad not long ago, and he still remembers picking it up for me. I don’t know what made him think I’d like it, but I am eternally grateful he did. It’s an RTS game, so there wasn’t much story. I was a little fuzzy on the details, but as the movie unfolded, I was able to pick out small bits and pieces of the story I remembered from 20+ years ago.

Nothing But Praise For The Film

The cast was great. A couple of the supporting stars were familiar faces, but the main cast were relative unknowns, at least to me, and I like that. The music was also well done. No creative takes on a particular tune from the games, or extreme rock or hip-hop conversions. A completely original score, but it holds to what you’d expect from the Warcraft games. I think the movie catered more to the Alliance perspective though. You got about as much Horde story as you would playing an Alliance campaign or character. This is going to be a challenge moving forward, I think. Balancing Alliance and Horde perspectives. If you’re a Horde fan, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I have very little experience from the Horde perspective as I have been devoutly Alliance from day one.

My favorite takeaway from the movie is the costumes. Warcraft has always had slightly overstated weapons and armor in its games. It always makes you wonder if someone actually could wield a sword that big? Or if that armor could actually be light enough to move around in at all? It is a huge part of what I love about the franchise, and the movie doesn’t disappoint in this regard. That signature armor of the Alliance has remained unchanged throughout the entire franchise. I have fond memories of trying to gather all the materials for it, and dressing up as a Stormwind Guard in game. I’d love a replica of any of the weapons in this movie. A $249 resin replica of Lothar’s sword is available, but that’s more than my wallet can bear unfortunately.

No End In Sight

I am extremely hopeful that the movie does well financially, as I cannot wait to see more. Personally, I think the Warcraft movie starts at a (relative) low point in the WarCraft story. WarCraft III begins the story of Arthas, and one of my favorite storylines ever. Naturally I was instantly nostalgic for my early days in World of Warcraft after leaving the movie. With the free transmogs you get for logging in, and free codes for new accounts they are giving away at theaters, I of course had to log in. I streamed the Alliance Human and Horde Orcs starting areas. I hadn’t been through the human starting area since Cataclysm, and I think I never rolled an Orc so it was a fun little experiment. I plan to play World of Warcraft more soon. While I am not to keen on the PvP changes in store for Legion, it is still Warcraft. Even though I have a feeling World of Warcraft’s best days are behind it, there’s always WarCraft IV to look forward to. With Overwatch launched, and Legion all but complete, that frees up a lot of development time for Blizzard. Assuming they haven’t started on it already.


Warcraft PvP in Legion Not Looking Good

legion pvp bad

Update: Blizzard has given some clarification. You can check out my update here.

Blizzard May Have Already Shattered My Dreams For Legion

I have always thought World of Warcraft had the best PvP ecosystem. In fact, Warcraft PvP is where it all began. I can remember the exact moment I discovered my love for it. I decided to check out what battlegrounds were all about for the first time. Up pops Warsong Gulch.


No idea what I was doing, I ran to the middle. ATTACK!


I released, I was in the graveyard, waiting on the rez timer.

My hands were SHAKING. This was freakING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

That’s all she wrote kids. When the PvP ranks first came out, I disappeared from my guild for three months to get as high as I could. My PvP addiction was born, and it was battlegrounds, world PvP, and Arenas for the next 6+ years.

Remembering that moment so vividly is what makes what I have to share with you so sad.

Blizzard Is Regressing It’s PvP Design

I have always seen World of Warcraft development as moving forward. Single server PvP queues to multiserver queues, dynamic questing that changes the landscape with your progress, and now shared realms where you can group up with any friend on any server. Well, in a recent post to the Dev Watercooler series, they mention two huge changes to PvP that are not only backwards-thinking, but shocking. These changes are to how gear is obtained and what stats you can get on that gear.

RNG Gear Drops

Gear is now going to drop randomly at the conclusion of your PvP battleground or Arena. You could get the same gear twice, or even five times. SWTOR had this mechanic initially back in 2012. People absolutely HATED it, so it was changed in their first major PvP update. Blizzard states that they want the same emotional highs and lows PvE players get while obtaining their gear. PvP and PvE have always been, and always will be, two different experiences.  They are completely opposing styles of gameplay, so why would you try to reward players the same way? Some people like working for a paycheck every two weeks, some people like getting paid through commission, others like contract work. It’s different kinds of pay for different kinds of work. Unfortunately, this is the lesser of these two evils.

Gear Disparity Among Players

Back in – I don’t know when – better ranked Arena players had better gear. It mystifies me to this day why you give better skilled players, better gear. In PvE you get better gear to defeat tougher challenges. In PvP, if you’re the top dog, there is no tougher challenger. Luckily, World of Warcraft went away from this absurd mechanic. In PvP, everyone has the same gear. Skill now determines the better player, not gear. Until Legion hits, that is. Blizzard is re-instituting this archaic practice. This is the change that really hurts the most. I could live with RNG, but now if I don’t rank high early in the season, everyone above me is going to have better gear than me. It’s an uphill battle for anyone who can’t do Arenas/Ranked BGs non-stop, for hours on end every day.

The Reaction From Players

Whenever I disagree with a development direction, I always wonder if maybe it’s just me. I’m definitely not, and my followers are LEGION. 782 comments currently sit on the article, more than 30 of which were added while I was writing this. More than two weeks later and it’s STILL getting attention. By and large, the vast majority of players commenting do not want these changes. Perhaps this is just the vocal minority though right? Well let’s take a look at who likes the changes. Facebook likes currently sit at 29. Again, this is after two weeks. Let’s compare this to something pretty tame. The Warcraft movie posts wouldn’t really be fair because I think we all collectively are excited about that. Let’s take the pretty boring post on Extended Draw Distance coming to the game posted not a week ago yet. That has 40 Facebook likes already. There’s 135 comments, which I am not even going to check. More people are excited to see further in game, than they are about the upcoming PvP changes. That’s sad. Really, really sad.

pvp flag

Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated by Targeter on his Imperial Intelligence blog for a Creative Blogging Award. Thank you Targeter! I like Shintar’s description of what a Creative Blogging Award is best, “a chain letter”. Kinda makes it more of a nomination than an award, but that’s just as good to me. Knowing people read, and like, what you write is the most rewarding part of writing. A quick glance at Imperial Intelligence shows that we share A LOT in common. We’re not interested in Overwatch, we’re both nostalgic for the ‘good ole days’ of World of Warcraft, we both have characters on Ebon Hawk in SWTOR, and the game Rebel Galaxy caught our attention. 4 for 4, we’re doing good.

SO, to fulfill my part of this nomination chain, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and share a link back to their blog.
  • Post 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15-20 people for this award.
  • Let the people you nominated know, that you have nominated them.
  • Post the rules so everyone will understand what to do.

Now that 1 & 5 are done, I’ll just go in order. I think #2 is the one that everyone wants to read anyway. So five facts coming up:

  1. I love me some dinosaurs. Before ARK and The Isle, there was a life size velociraptor skeleton in my living room. It was there when my wife came over for the first time. No idea what she must have thought. I also have a secret dinosaur project website.
  2. I don’t collect weapons, but I collect weapons. Pistols, long guns, knives, swords. Even a random throwing tomahawk. All real, no wall-hangers. Some are inherited, some I just kinda picked up that looked interesting.
  3. I enjoy tabletop gaming when i’m offline, specifically Warmachine. I’ve also played X-Wing & Armada, the Star Wars flavors. Now I just need a job in the gaming industry to live the 24/7 gamer life dream.
  4. I used to hate cats. I’m a dog person. Then I met my wife’s cat. We simply co-existed for a while until one Christmas we got a baby kitten. My wife’s cat jumped up in my lap when I tried to show the new kitten a little attention. We’re now bestest buds. He tucks me in every night. Now I’m a cat person too.
  5. Finally, my favorite color is red. I know it’s kind of a cop-out, but I’m actually feeling pretty ill right now. Coming down with something, and actually had to call out sick from work.

As for nominating people, Shintar and Ravanel are the ones I know best. Njessi is always entertaining too. They’ve all been nominated already though, so I’ll just consider myself a good judge of character. I don’t think I even know 5 other bloggers total, much less 15 or 20. I’ll take recommendations in the comments below if someone knows someone?

Now just to let them know…and we’re done! Quick, easy, and probably better than the QQ I was going to spew about the new Warcraft PvP system for Legion. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that next week.