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Tips And Tricks For Hunters In Evolve

I have spent 82 hours in Evolve. That’s two entire work-weeks worth of time. Time to start sharing what I have learned going through the game. Some of this will apply to Monster players (Perks, Silver Keys, etc), but overall this is going to be heavily hunter-centric guide. I don’t have enough Monster-specific experience to talk about monsters yet.

Monsters OP

Right now the game is hugely imbalanced. Monsters are dominating play. Don’t worry if you lose a lot, moreso at first. I play strictly Hunters because I can’t quite manage Monsters apparently. For some reason I can’t figure out though, I am still enjoying the game. Maybe it’s the challenge? I dunno, but I look forward to playing for a few hours every day still. I -think- that monsters are being over-buffed because they have such a high skill cap. Most people don’t like to play them, and the few that are willing to try just get destroyed. I haven’t won a single monster game yet, but when I lose the coin-toss and get slotted for monster, I just give it my best shot. I’m slowly getting better. I think. If you can manage the monster, then you can seriously clean house right now. Just be prepared for balancing in the future. I’m hoping to master the art myself some day.

Don’t Buy Perks

I’ve bought 3 or 4 perks since starting, and that’s it. I definitely recommend that once you figure out the basic game that you have a perk in each tier. Something is better than nothing. After that though, you get free perks all the time. That includes perk upgrades too. I feel like it’s almost too generous, and will be balanced eventually. For now though, they’re given away like candy on Halloween. Save your Silver Keys for something else. And speaking of Silver Keys…

Silver Keys Come From Doing EVERYTHING

Play a game. Play 15 minutes. Play 10 games in a party. Defeat a monster at Stage 1. The number of things you get Silver Keys for feels endless. Aside from all the accolades/achievements, there have been events on almost every weekend since it went free to play.  You will get plenty of Silver Keys from playing this game, so don’t worry about grinding anything. Just play the game, and they’ll come naturally.
how to get evolve silver keys

Rocket Power Tips

There’s a natural arc and inertia to your jump, even without using your Rocket Pack. Don’t hold down the space bar while you jump. Release the space bar when you get to your highest point in mid-air. This will conserve a tiny bit of fuel that you’ll definitely need later. Also, there is no falling damage. Don’t waste rocket power trying to break a fall! Drop down and carry on! Keep your Rocket Pack recharging constantly. When it’s almost full, dash forward to travel at your most efficient speed! Finally, don’t go into a Dome on empty. I conserve one block of fuel, and just walk in on foot. Jumping into a locked room with a monster, and having no fuel to escape, is just as bad an idea as it sounds. A lot of this is min-maxing, but I have found it incredibly helpful.

Never Dome Alone

Even at stage 1 where hunters have the advantage, a monster can easily solo you. One pounce and you’re done. Learning when to Dome is going to be trial and error. Sometimes you will have to Dome to lock a monster down from running away. Your best bet is to see how close your teammates are before you dome (specifically your Medic), and then decide if it’s safe to Dome.

Getting Good In Evolve

The tips I listed here are the ones that made a big improvement in my gameplay. From my attitude towards losing all the time to managing my rocket power, this has all made for more enjoyable games overall. When I finally manage to learn a monster (Working on the Goliath now) I will do another round with more monster-specific tips. Until then though, feel free to leave Hunter and Monster tips for everyone in the comments! Especially monster tips. I really need all the help I can get.

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