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Artifact Weapon Storylines in Legion

I just realized that I hadn’t posted the content I’ve been creating for Legion here. Probably my personal favorite has been the Artifact Weapon storylines. Blizzard has done an incredible job creating stories for each and every weapon, giving players the feeling that they are on they’re very own legendary weapon quest. The Ashbringer, the Scythe of Elune, and the rebirth of Frostmourne are just a few. Even the less well known ones are given pretty interesting quests. As someone who appreciates the lore of Warcraft, I haven’t been let down yet. Initially I had no idea just how unique and fun they would be. The quests all have some built-in mechanic that forces you to be in the appropriate spec for the weapon you are trying to obtain. They were pretty challenging too. I died more than once on some of them. One final note worth mentioning is that each quest takes you into the old world. Most of these places are in the original classic World of Warcraft zones! Some places are hidden in plain site, others are quite familiar, and hold a lot of nostalgia.

You get your first weapon as soon as you make it to new Dalaran, and you can grab both of the others at level 102. I cannot recommend doing these quests enough. They are some of the best quests Blizzard has created. I still haven’t finished them all yet. For those people that don’t have active subscriptions, or don’t play certain classes, or are just plain bored, I have recorded several of these storylines. I kick myself to this day for not recording the warrior arms artifact weapon quest story. It involves the very first King of the humans! They run from 20 to 40 minutes long each. There’s going to be a lot of Legion content available on my YouTube channel over the next several weeks!

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