I found Infinite Tanks scouring through a list of upcoming games. The modern tanks part of it appealed to me, and the ‘huge environments’ and ‘multiplayer’ kinda sealed the deal. The devs over at Atypical Games were kind enough to send a key over to try for PC. There was a little rough start on launch day, but after very quick and surprising (but welcome) candid responses from the devs on Steam, a patch fixed the issue and it was on!

Indie Tank Action

Infinite tanks is a a vehicle action shooter for PC and iOS by indie developer Atypical Games. It costs $4.99 on both steam and the App store. Basically you queue up in a lobby, similar fashion to other vehicle action shooters (World of Tanks, Dreadnought, etc.). You end up going head to head against other players across multiple maps and game modes. One important note is that you get infinite lives, as the game title suggests. So when you die, you respawn and start running and gunning again. As you progress, you can modify your tank and in turn its look. You can change turrets, chassis, and so on. Your tank can end up looking pretty wild. While the game boasts ‘modern’ tanks, it’s not exactly like tanks of today. They do have modern look though. It’s a very casual friendly game. Another cool thing to note is that it is cross platform. It was hilarious to see tanks named ‘John’s iPhone’ and ‘Amber’s iPad’ on the battlefield.

What Makes Infinite Tanks Fun

Right off the bat I liked the game. The fast paced games, not slowed down by single lives or camping gameplay. With infinite lives you less penalized for getting in there and fighting. I also like the modular design system. Instead of just junking the whole tank, you can kinda stick to a theme of what you like (if you care((which I do)). The price is also worth a mention not just because it’s cheap at $4.99, but because of the value it delivers. You can easily get your moneys worth out of this game. I also like the variety of battle modes. It’s not permanently team deathmatch or king of the hill. One particular mode gives everyone the same tank, with the same weapons. Quite the level playing field. The rockets were loads of fun! Finally, I also thought the reward system was nice. Mostly because it was different. At the end of the game you play what is essentially the shell game. You could pick vendor trash, or something more valuable. Additionally, you can pay small amounts of game currency to get an a second try at that valuable upgrade! I like this fresh approach to rewards.

What Makes It…Not

Couple things that I wasn’t so happy with. The small team sizes were a little bit of a bummer. While i’m sure there is a tradeoff given that it’s a multiplayer game, I was just hoping for more. The other thing I wasn’t a fan of was no grouping. No pairing up with your bestest buddy and blasting things together. In fact, I actually ended up on opposing teams with my buddy most games. I’m sure it was just random. It was still fun, but I think even just one team member would make it more fun.

The Bottom Line

Multiplayer scale and teamwork are probably two of the most important things I look at when evaluating a game for myself. While this game does take a hit in those departments, the $4.99 price tag really redeems Infinite Tanks and earns it my recommendation. I think if you’re looking for a time waster on your phone, or even something to play mindlessly while watching TV, this is a good choice for the price. I’m curious to see how much this gets updated in the future. It’s off to a great start, and I think the low price point and cross platform play will give it a good base population. I have a soft spot for cross-platform games, so I personally hope to see this game succeed.

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