Two Minute Video Guide To Quinn For League of Legends

I’m trying something different out here.  It’s a League of Legends quick video guide for the champion Quinn.  This particular guide for Quinn is oriented towards someone who’s never played her.  The idea is to keep it short, but with enough information to explain the mechanics to a new player.  It’s meant to be a quick overview of Quinn for those people that are more visually oriented like myself.  I can read till the cows come home, but without that extra sensory help, i’m going to forget before I finish reading.  So give it a watch and give me some feedback.

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  1. It’s a good video. The skill explanations were good, complimenting the video portions. My only issue was more about the Quinn Info at the beginning than how you were making the video. Quinn is an ADC (Attack Damage, carry [Riot calls them marksmen]). You will never see Quinn jungling. I really think that the only reason it says her secondary role is a fighter is because as Valor, you are melee. The info on the character description in game is good, but some of the champs can kind of throw you off.

    1. I was actually told by someone that she was a decent jungler. There are also a few jungle guides for her on Solomid and Mobafire. I still wouldn’t recommend jungle Quinn to a beginner though, so good points all around still.

      Also your teaching moment about Lux’s shield ability the other day is what gave me this idea. So if this helps others, they have you to thank.

      1. After I had replied to this, I did a google search on “jungle quinn”. There were more than a few jungle builds, but viable doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. Her clear time might be good, but other than her vault, she has no hard cc and her low level ganks are going to be terrible (low damage, low move speed, low attack speed). Overall I would say that your video is right and that you can jungle her, there are just so many better choices for a jungle. You are right, it would be for a more advanced jungler to play her, as I wouldn’t even touch her.

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