CPU Players in Total War Arena

CPU 19 total war arena

The CPU and YOU

CPU bots in Total War: Arena come from players that didn’t make it from the queue, into the match. So what do you do with these CPU players? Nothing, if you can help it. They have some pretty big drawbacks. We’ll cover all that, as well as go over some suggestions on how to handle them.

A Brief History of the CPU

CPU bots are players that did not establish a connection to the game server for whatever reason. They are the grayed out players with “CPU #” instead of a name. When you see multiple CPU players, then it was likely the leader of a group that did not connect. If the leader disconnects, the entire team disconnects. Players that disconnect after a game start will have grayed out tags, but maintain the player name. Usually these are the players that take 3x ranged units, and get wiped out with a single cavalry charge. Rage quitters, essentially.  CPU numbers start at 19, and go down. You could have 1 player and 19 CPUs, and the match would continue. If you had 20 CPUs, the match would just shut down. That’s my theory, anyway.

Bad CPU, Bad!

CPU bots contribute no points to your team. You can annihilate every enemy unit with them, but they will still give your team 0 points. Conversely, the enemy team will get points for killing them. So just running them up and feeding them to the enemy hurts your team twice over.


How To Use CPUs

Just click on each individual CPU bot, and give it commands. You cannot group select them.  You will see their unit and commander abilities in place of your own. If your commander has died, then you will not see the CPU abilities. The CPU abilities will still be there, you just have to press the corresponding hot key for charge, testudo, or whatever. Any player can control a CPU bot on their team. You can also still control CPUs after you lose all of your own units.

What To Do With CPU

You can chase and harass with CPUs, and engage when you need to. Using them to guard artillery is pretty helpful as well. If another player is coming in for a kill, let them have it. The points they get will add to the team score. Don’t try and beat them to it with a CPU, you will just waste the points. In short, don’t use the CPUs unless you absolutely have to. The big exception to this is capping the enemy base. Regardless of points, capturing the enemy base is a win.


The Future of the CPU

The CPU will likely stay for the foreseeable future. Desync bugs are commonly cited by the Devs as a cause for CPUs. Since this game is still in the beta testing phase, bugs are likely to be frequent. Still, the CPU is likely here to stay forever. I haven’t played a game yet that didn’t have any bugs. The hope is that we just see them less and less.

Except maybe on the enemy team…

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