Suggested Progression For American Tanks

In World of Tanks, I have followed only the American tree.  Call me boring and plain, I just like the look of the American tanks.  So far I have managed up to Tier VIII, and have come up with a suggested progression path.  I’ve made note of the tanks to burn through premium on, and the tanks that are worth keeping.

American Tanks Progression Guide

Orange means suggested use of Premium time, and Green means keep this tank.  Read on for the explanations:

  • M5 Stuart – This is the worst scout tank in its tier.  It’s extremely slow, which is a death sentence for scouts.
  • Chaffee – This is currently the ‘top’ scout tank for the American line.  When they redo the scout line, this will be worth having.
  • M7 – Again, possibly the worst in its tier.  It’s very slow and unmaneuverable.  It’s a medium, not a light.
  • T21 – This tank has very low acceleration, only moderate speed, but it is maneuverable.  It was a little frustrating.
  • T71 – Currently this is the best American scout tank, and a very good overall scout tank.
  • Hellcat – This has a great gun for its tier.  It’s accurate, quick, and powerful.  The Hellcat is also amazingly fast. One of the best TDs in its tier, and perfect for medium tank companies.
  • T25/2 – The gun is a piece of garbage.  I bounce so many shots.  The hull is decent, letting you take a hit or two at least.
  • Wolverine – This is one of the worst tanks I have played.  It has a horrible gun.  Skip it if you can.
  • M3 Lee – This is also one of the worst tanks I have played.  Very unmaneuverable, and the gun can only move so far left to right.  People used to joke about how bad this tank is in chat all the time.
  • T1 Heavy – This tank is so easy to hit.  It’s like a matchbox on wheels.
  • T32 – This tank is hard to make money with.  I average about a 5,000 credit loss per win.  I think it needs some rebalancing in the reward department.  Otherwise, I like the tank.  Similar to the T29.
  • M7 Priest – This is my favorite SPG, and it’s perfect to save for medium tank companies if you like artillery.
  • M12 – I was loving the artillery line until I hit this tank.  The accuracy is horrendous.

What do you think of the tanks I have listed?  Any notes to add about them?  Are there other tanks you think are worth mentioning?  Leave it in the comments.  I’ll be updating this list as I push towards Tier X.

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