Black Friday Game Sales

It’s that time of year again.  Time to get more, and pay less.  Lots of games have black friday sales, whether it’s in-game items or the games themselves.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for black friday sales on the games I follow.  I’ll be updating this post as the sales are announced.  If you’re interested, check back throughout the week.  If you find deals, please leave them in the comments so I can update this post.

Black Friday Steam Sale

This works just like their summer sale.  It runs November 27th through December 3rd.

  • Daily sales that change every 24 hours at 1pm EST.
  • Flash sales that change every 8 hours.

Black Friday Sale On Miscellaneous Games

Whatever games catch my fancy pretty much.  I do take requests.

Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Sales

Star Wars: The Old Republic Black Friday Sales

Black Dyes will be available on the Cartel Market in game with the following schedule.  They are 600 – 2000 CC each.

  • Black / Dark Purple – 11AM CST Tuesday 11/26 – 11AM CST Wednesday 11/27
  • Black / White – 11AM CST Wednesday 11/27 – 11AM CST Thursday 11/28
  • White / White – 11AM CST Thursday 11/28 – 11AM CST Friday 11/29
  • Black / Black – 11AM CST Friday 11/29 – 11AM CST Sunday 12/1
  • White / Black – 11AM CST Sunday 12/1 – Maintenance on Tuesday 12/3
  • 2400 Cartel Coins – $14.99 (25% off on only)

League of Legends Black Friday Sale

World of Tanks Black Friday Sale

Planetside 2 Black Friday Sale

Star Trek Online Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale on Blizzard Games

Anything and everything by Blizzard.

Starcraft II Black Friday Sale

Diablo III Black Friday Sale

The Blizzard launcher advertises special deals on Diablo III (PC/Mac) at retail locations on all platforms.

  • Amazon – $34.96 (Free shipping)
  • Best Buy – $39.99 (Free shipping, rewards card)
  • – $34.96 (Free shipping with $35 purchase or in-store pickup)
  • Gamestop – $39.99 (Free shipping, or in-store pickup)
  • Blizzard – $39.99 (Digital download)
  • store$19.99 (Free shipping)

I bought a copy from the Microsoft store!

World of Warcraft Black Friday Sale

Some of these are affiliate links.

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