GSF Strategery: The Blob Cluster

The Blob Cluster Strategy

I was totally wrecked today by what i’m calling ‘The Blob Cluster’ strategy.  Why the blob you ask?  Well I took a gander at my minimap, and I saw this red blob of triangles all clustered together.  It is a very effective strategy, and extremely hard to counter.  I was number one on our team with two kills.  The next person had one kill.  Nobody else had anything.  I want to talk about The Blob Cluster strategy from both sides, brainstorming some effective counter strategies, as well as improvements.

How To Use The Blob Cluster Strategy

This GSF strategy takes both types of bombers, and any of the gunships.  The idea is to have the gunships get somewhat close together and begin sniping.  Next, the bombers move in and set up mines and drones to protect the gunships.  It’s a very simple strategy to execute, and a very difficult one to counter.  Gunships have the maximum range allowed, and can destroy anything that even starts to get close.  Anything that does manage to get through gets obliterated by seismic mines and drone turrets.  Sprinkle in a few scouts for good measure, and you have the most solid GSF domination strategy I have seen to date.

How To Counter The Blob Cluster Strategy

Countering this strategy is not easy.  Charging in solo, even with a scout, is not the answer.  My thinking on countering this strategy is using Gunships set up to bounce their attacks off nearby enemies.  You will need a bomber nearby with a repair drone to keep you up.  It’s going to be a bit of a wearing down process, but ideally you will be setting up your own counter-Blob Cluster.  This is why it’s important to set up your launch bar strategically.  You want a group of ships that can be useful in different situations, because every game won’t be the same.

Blob Cluster For Team Deathmatch

Currently I see this as THE strategy to beat in GSF team deathmatch maps.  Above are my thoughts on how best to implement, and counter, this particular strategy.  I’d love to hear your comments on what you think about this strategy.  Tell me what experiences you’ve had with this strategy, whether using it, or trying to counter it.  Use the comments below, and we can break down this strategy for everyone.  Make sure you share this post with your friends so we can get as many minds theorycrafting on this as possible.

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