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My Top 5 Most Played Games 3

My Top 5 Most Played Games

The Numbers Really Surprised Me What would I do without Google Sheets? I’ve found it harder and harder lately to predict if I’ll like a game. One way I thought might help was to...

My Experiences From Streaming 1

My Experiences From Streaming

My Last Six Months Streaming in Three Acts My connection wasn’t initially good enough to stream. Finally when it was upgraded (FREE!) last year, I didn’t jump on it right away. I put it off for...

Constant Warfare for 2016 0

Constant Warfare for 2016

2016 My Busiest Year EVER for Video Games Already In the beginning, I was a one game kinda guy. World of Warcraft for 7 years straight, except a 3 month break where I played Tabula Rasa, but no...

How To Know When Video Games Are “Worth It” 2

How To Know When Video Games Are “Worth It”

Video Game Costs Are Dynamic There are just SO many video games out there, I think about everyone has a game they still want to try. That is certainly the case for me, and the...

More Leveling Resources for SWTOR 2

More Leveling Resources for SWTOR

To this point, SWTOR from Scratch has covered: Part 1: Character Generation & Server Selection Part 2: Starting Planets & The Fleet Now one more resource geared towards the beginning of your leveling career....