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Battle for Azeroth Is Getting GOOD

Sixteen long (IRL) years ago, following the events in Warcraft 3, Lordaeron was lost to the Alliance. It has remained under control of enemies, be it the Lich King or the Horde. Birthplace of...


Monthly Gaming Update 2017.6

Current Game Plan September is going to be a big month. In addition to multiple video games, I’ve also pre-ordered a booster box of the Magic the Gathering Ixalan expansion. Because dinosaurs. In addition...


Making Gold For PvPers in Warcraft Legion

Making Gold Through War! Daily quest hubs are officially things of the past. Thanks to Legion, we have something better, and something that will last through the entire expansion!  Still, PvPers can make decent gold with little...


My Top 5 Most Played Games

The Numbers Really Surprised Me What would I do without Google Sheets? I’ve found it harder and harder lately to predict if I’ll like a game. One way I thought might help was to...


World of Warcraft Legion Review

Legion: A Questing Simulator For World of Warcraft It may seem a little late for a review, but I personally find it hard to take a review seriously by someone that doesn’t have a level...


Legions of Content Coming

Artifact Weapon Storylines in Legion I just realized that I hadn’t posted the content I’ve been creating for Legion here. Probably my personal favorite has been the Artifact Weapon storylines. Blizzard has done an...