Condor Gunship Build Guide

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Condor Gunship Build Theme

The Condor is a Republic Gunship.  It’s Sith counterpart is the Jurgoran.  This ship sacrifices a bit of its long rage abilities to be a hybrid with a Scout ship.  The trade-off gives it some close-up protection.  S’why I call it the Gun-Scout.  This guide was done with the help of Aimbot/Renegade-one of The Ebon Hawk.

Condor Setup

Knowing what your Condor is like in battle helps you set it up.

Condor Components

The first three will be your in-game weapons, the last two will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Burst Laser Cannon
  • Secondary Weapons : Slug Railgun – This is your heavy hitter.
  • Secondary Weapons : Interdiction Missiles – This is what you slow down closer targets with.
  • Shields : Distortion Field – Extra missile break!
  • Engines : Retro Thrusters – Standard weapons/missile-dodge ability.  Also used offensively to finish off a target.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Capacitor : Damage Capacitor – Damage is king for this ship.
  • Magazine : Regeneration Extender – Faster regen for your blasters, big and small.
  • Reactor : Large Reactor – More shields let’s you stay face to face longer.
  • Thrusters : Regeneration Thrusters – Always having engine power to boost will help you move around and evade enemies.

Condor Cosmetics

I’ve heard it called the ‘hotdog’ gunship.  If you’re doing it right, they’ll only see your charge up anyway!

Condor Quarrel Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.

  • Co-Pilot – Wingman (Lieutenant Iresso)  Increased accuracy on a short cooldown.

  • Offensive – Improved Killzone and Pinpointing – Bigger arc means easier hits, and better blaster accuracy. (Qyzen Fess)
  • Defensive – Response Tuning and Power to Shields – Evasion and a bigger shield energy pool. (Nadia Grell)
  • Tactical – Depth of Field and Silent Running – Improved personal detection range and decreased detection range for the enemy. (Lieutenant Iresso)
  • Engineering – Power to Engines and Efficient Fire – Sustained engine boost, and lower blaster costs. (Tharan Cedrax)

Strategy For Condor Pilots

This ship has a really simple strategy.  You snipe enemies up to 15,000 meters away.  When they get close, slow them with your Interdiction Missiles, and blast them with your Burst Cannons.  It’s a straightforward strategy, but very effective.  The lack of 15k reach Ions means you’ll need to hit your target an extra time or two.  The Interdiction Missiles can also be used to hound enemies with locking tones.  These are very simple strategies, making this a very easy to use ship.

Taking Flight With The Condor Gunship

The simplicity of ship strategy makes this a good starter ship.  Learning to aim the slug railgun is probably the hardest skill you’ll need to learn.  I’ll be updating the build as time, experience, and patches dictate.  If you have any questions, or feedback, fire away in the comments below.

Other Gunship Builds

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