Here’s what i’ll be working on in December 2013.  I picked up Diablo 3 over the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend.  Probably won’t play it until the expansion comes out, but we’ll see.  ON TO OTHER NEWS!

Guild Wars 2

After seeing what my Squad Commander warrior build can do, and reading lots of forum and reddit posts, i’ve decided to try a Guardian.  After looking at Guardian, i’m not sure why I didn’t pick it as my first class.  It is the most Paladin-like class in Guild Wars.  I vaguely remember passing it over because it was too slow, which is still somewhat true.  It certainly does not have the mobility of a warrior.  So at this point, I decided to jump off a cliff to get out of my comfort zone.  I rolled a Charr Guardian, which I affectionately refer too as my ‘Charrdian’, and used my birthday scroll to start him at level 20.  Normally i’m all-human when it comes to MMOs.  I’ve done a little of the class story with him, a little less general leveling, and spending most of my time in WvW.  Liking the story so far.  There’s a big patch coming December 11th that promises to be good to Guardian DPS.  I’m tempted to go further out of my comfort zone and try DPS, but part of me also wants to try a Squad Commander build for Guardians.  At any rate, i’ll be ‘researching’ for a Guardian guide too this month.

World versus World is still endlessly fun for me.  I was finally able to solo my first guard at level 39.  It was very…exciting?  Now that world ranks are going to be account wide, my little Charrdian should get quite the boost.  I’ll be updating my Squad Commander build guide with suggested World Rank point priorities when that update hits.  Also in WvW news, our server took a surprise lead in Gold League.  We are going to place third, instead of tying for third like everyone thought we would.  It was a nice turn of events.  I can’t wait to get my dolyak finisher, and see what’s in the season one chest!  I’m also working on some WvW guides.  One for general players, and one for commanders.  These may not come out soon, as I want them to be as ‘perfect’ as they can get.

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Looking at, I see that both east coast PvP servers, Jung Ma and Prophecy of the Five, are tied for the lowest populations.  I started a little Trooper on Jedi Covenant to see what warzones are like on PvE servers with higher populations.  Not sure where i’m going with this little experiment, but we’ll see.  I’ve learned that I don’t hate leveling, I just hate leveling alone.  Luckily I found someone to quasi-level with, so it’s been pretty fun so far.  I’ve done questing, some warzones, a few flashpoints, all my space missions, and more warzones.  I like the warzones part.  Only lost two games one day, the rest were pretty balanced.  I’ve taken away a lot from re-leveling with no Legacy perks.  Hopefully I can improve the guides I have, and make a few new ones.  Specifically, guides for space missions, leveling tips, and warzones.  Hopefully an accompanying YouTube video for them as well.

My little trooper is a vanguard.  Right now i’m specced into Shield Specialist (tank), but I may swap to Tactics (damage).  I’m trying to build up all the defensive stats I can, even at the expense of damage stats.  I’m curious to see just how long I can survive.  It’s a fun little project.  I’ve made a few good buys on the GTN boosting my credits, so i’ve already got the gear look I want.  The last thing I need is a matching speeder.  I like the Rhark series, but i’m not sold on one yet.  I’m looking at the PvP stap speeder too.


Oh yeah, and GALACTIC STARFIGHTER.  I’m leaning towards the scout line, but may try the strike fighter more.  We’ll see.

The Christmas Season

I absolutely LOVE  Christmas.  It is my favorite time of the year for religious and other reasons.  I love the in-game holidays.  In World of Warcraft, our guild always picked one day in December to stand in the front courtyard of Stormwind and give out gifts to random players walking by.  Last year we made a holiday themed WvW video in Guild Wars 2.  I’d like to do something in SWTOR this year.  I wasn’t playing during the Life Day event last year.  I’m excited to be able to participate this year, and see what it’s all about.  League of Legends also has a holiday themed event I haven’t seen before called the Snowdown Showdown.  There’s at least one holiday skin i’d like to get: Snowstorm Sivir!

Guild Wars 2 has the best Christmas event to me.  We’ll see if they keep that crown this year.

What game has your favorite holiday event?  Got any resources to help me with any of my projects?  Let me know in the comments!

Feel like adding something?

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