Thanksgiving 2013 Double XP Week

Over the long double XP weekend recently, I leveled a Trooper Vanguard on Jedi Covenant.  This was my first character on the server, so I had no help from my Legacy.  All I had were my Cartel Market Unlocks which included:

  • Adaptive Blaster Rifle (Bowcaster)
  • +41 Power Color Crystal
  • Full Inventory Slot Unlocks

I also had free speeders from various things.

My Leveling Progress

I hit level 30 just as I went to bed (early) on the final night.  On average, I leveled every hour and fifteen minutes.




By the end, I was able to outfit myself fully in adaptive gear.  Some were moderately expensive.  A few of the highlights were:

  • Yellow Eye Scanner: 100,000level30charsheet
  • Calo Nord chestpiece: 80,000
  • Trailblazer Pants: 40,000
  • Black and Blue dye: 50,000

I was able to afford all my training, and still have a substantial reserve of credits.  My credits came from questing, slicing, and my GTN strategies.




I took Planetary Commendations as quest rewards whenever possible, and used the commendations to upgrade my armor.  I did not bother to upgrade a companion.  I first used Jorgan, then Dorne.  I did most of the planetary quests on Ord Mantell, and almost no planetary quests on Coruscant, Taris, Nar Shaddaa, or Tatooine.  I stuck solely to warzones, class quests, and three flashpoints.  I had one leveling buddy most of the time.  I kept forgetting to use my XP boosts.  I used two, and still have three on me.


Double XP weekend is just like always having rested XP.  Leveling fast is nice, as i’m not a huge leveling fan.  If you’re interested in fast leveling strategies, check out my Powerleveling Guide.  If I missed any stats you’d like to know, ask in the comments below.

How far did you get over any double XP weekends?  How long did it take you to get to level 30?

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