EON: Beta Weekend Event IV

The End of End of Nations Beta Weekends

I put together a gameplay video of my experience in the final Beta Weekend event.  Overall I think the game is great.  I encountered only one bug.  Unfortunately for new players, that bug is the tutorial.  It fell apart after the third or fourth objective.  The performance was great, and I had no latency problems.  I would still recommend anyone who likes RTS games, or MMORTS games to give it a try.  It’s another great MMO like World of Tanks that you can jump into and out of easily.  It’s not quite the persistent world I had imagined from the advertising, but it’s plenty good enough to play.  Especially since End of Nations will be Free to Play (F2P) on release.

I already got my email letting me know I would be awarded my 500 points for playing this weekend, and that I would be entered into a chance for early access.  You can still sign up for that chance too, or you can buy your way into Early Access with a Founder’s Edition.  Just make sure you give this MMO a chance.

Enjoy the video, and please leave some comments.  It’s a little long, but this is my first RTS video.  I’m not exactly sure what type of commentary is desirable.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

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