Guide To Playing Heroes Of The Storm

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Things To Remember For New Heroes of the Storm Players

There’s an easy formula to follow when playing Heroes of the Storm.  What I talk about below will make you a solid team-player.  I see a lot of the same mistakes in every game I play.  It’s like watching a car crash, even after you told the driver exactly what was going to happen.  If you’re new, or have a new friend playing, or maybe you just met someone struggling, point them towards this guide for the basics.  They could be your teammate again in the future.  Remember, a good community starts with you.  And me.  Us.  And Blizzard too…

Before You Jump Into Games

  • Check out your Dailies.  You can see your dailies by clicking your portrait in the bottom left corner, and then going to the daily tab.  Pick a character from the free rotation that best matches your daily quests.
  • Need help picking a Hero to try?  Coming from League of Legends?  Coming from World of Warcraft?
  • Always play with friends when you can.  You get 50% increased XP (player XP, not hero) when playing with a friend.
  • I’m slowly adding builds for each Hero as I master them.  You can find a lot of builds here.  Otherwise, don’t be afraid to web search or ask friends for build suggestions.
  • I recommend using  While your personal ranking may or may not be accurate, the Hero and map win percentages will be completely accurate.  You can see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and know how you can improve.  It will also tell you which friends you do best with, which can also help improve your gameplay.

During Each Match

As soon as you zone in, hit TAB.  This will show you who your team is, and who’s on the enemy team.  This will help inform your choices for Hero abilities.  For example, the Block ability many Heroes have only blocks basic attacks.  This would be helpful against Valla who does a lot of auto attacks, but useless against Jaina who is almost entirely abilities.

Manage your team composition.  Don’t make two Supports lane together, or expect a stealth character to solo a lane, etc.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do, but don’t let it happen for very long.  This is something you’re going to need to manage for a good portion of the game.  Your minimap will help.

Speaking of minimaps, watch the minimap.  It will show you where all your enemies, and allies, are.  If you don’t see any enemies on the minimap, then it’s a terrible time to push your lane.  You’re very likely to get ganked being too far out.  Watching the minimap will also show you which lanes are empty.  You’ll know where your team is losing out on XP, or where your enemy is gathered in strength.

Watch your level disparity in top center of your screen.  A gap of two levels is pretty huge, especially when there are five enemy Heroes.  You cannot 1v1 a Hero 2 levels higher than you.  Don’t try.  Just poke, hit and run, and wait for an opportunity.  Work on getting XP from lanes and Mercenary camps to catch up.

Use pings to communicate.  If you need help, don’t expect your team to just know you need help.  Ping it!  Twice is plenty.  Spamming pings will just annoy your team, and make you the boy (or girl) who cried wolf too many times.  On that same token, if someone pings they are headed to do a 1 man job (Grabbing the Golem at your base in the Garden of Terror map for example), don’t follow them.  You’re wasting time and effort.  Complement that player’s actions, don’t compete with them.  Compete with the enemy team.

You must play the objectives.  I haven’t seen a game yet won by ignoring the objectives.  They are a crucial part of the game.  Most of the time you will get a warning.  You’ll see a timer pop up in the bottom right of your screen, ticking down until the objective is available.  Take that time to heal and mana up, and head directly to the objective with your team.  Don’t try and push the lane, or get a kill.  Save your resources for the fight to come.  Fights over the objectives are the most important fights in the game.  Now this doesn’t mean go crazy stupid trying to win.  If you’re 2v5, just poke at the enemy and try to stall them.  Don’t go blowing all your cooldowns trying to kill someone if you’re alone.  Hit and run until your team arrives, then secure the objective together.  This is a game of teamwork like no other.

Always Remember

  • Get a Hero to level 4 in cooperative mode before you try PvP.  This way you have all the talents unlocked, and a good amount of experience playing the Hero.  You don’t have to worry about being at a disadvantage beyond skill.  Level 4 should be around 8 games, enough to get a daily done.
  • You get 500 gold for getting to level 5 with each Hero.  This is an easy way to farm gold, as well as experiment with which Heroes you like, and which you don’t want to waste money on.  If you have even a remote interest in a Hero, level them up to 5 on a free week.
  • When buying new Heroes, try and cover all your bases for daily quest purposes.  For example, a Diablo warrior and a Warcraft specialist cover 4 types of daily quests (Diablo Hero, Warcraft Hero, Specialist Hero, and Warrior Hero).  If you buy a Starcraft Ranged Assassin and a Warcraft Ranged Assassin, You’re only covering 3 (Starcraft Hero, Warcraft Hero, and Ranged Assassin).  As you gain more Heroes, this will be less of an issue.  At first though, this will help you complete your daily quests more easily.

Feel like adding something?

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