Guide To Playing Heroes Of The Storm2

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Things To Remember For New Heroes of the Storm Players

There’s an easy formula to follow when playing Heroes of the Storm.  None of these are going to be pro-player tips, but more how to be a good teammate.  I see a lot of these missed in every game I play.  If you have a new friend playing, or meet a someone struggling, point them towards this guide for the basics.  Remember, a good community starts with you.  And me.  Us.  And Blizzard too…

Before You Jump Into Games

  • Check out your Dailies.  You can see your dailies by clicking your portrait in the bottom left corner, and then going to the daily tab.  Pick a character from the free rotation that best matches your daily quests.
  • Need help picking a Hero to try?  Coming from League of Legends?  Coming from World of Warcraft?
  • Always play with friends when you can.  You get 50% increased XP for you (not a hero) when playing with a friend.
  • I’m slowly adding builds for each Hero as I master them.  You can find a lot of builds here.  Otherwise, don’t be afraid to web search or ask friends for build suggestions.

During Each Match

  • Use extra walls to heal if you have chosen a siphon life talent.
  • Pick up the little green globes.  They drop off the Wizard looking minions in the middle.  Try to kill it in an opportune place so you can be sure to grab the globe.
  • Kill the archers and wizard minions first.  They have the least health.
  • I like to ping a warning when I am backing out of a fight.

Map Specific Tips

  • On the Blackheart’s Bay (Pirate) and Spider Queen maps, don’t forget to turn in your coins/gems.  Try and let one person from each lane capture the coins to turn them in.  This allows one person to guard while the other turns in, instead of both having to turn in.
  • When you have control of a golem(Dragon Shire, Garden of Terror) don’t go chasing players, or doing mercenary camps.  You do massive damage to structures.  You are completely wasting your golem time focusing on anything but forts and towers.  Stay focused.  You may also want to start running out a few seconds before your golem runs out of health.  You don’t want to give the enemy team a free kill.

Feel like adding something?

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