Arthas Talent Build (Lich King)

lich king hero of the storm

Warcraft Melee Warrior Hero

The Lich King is one of the toughest Heroes to date.  Even without taking all the defensive talents, he is really tough to kill.  Death Coil can either damage an enemy, or heal Arthas.  Howling Blast locks enemies down in a certain area, and does damage to them.  Frozen Tempest is an AoE you can turn on and off that slows and damages enemies within its reach.  Finally Frostmourne Hungers is how Arthas both does damage, and gets back mana.  It’s a very key skill to master.

There’s a TL:DR build at the bottom if you don’t want all the strategy and explanation.

Arthas The Invincible Playstyle

This build will make you feel immortal!  This is my favorite build with Arthas.  You can solo cannon towers, as well as survive an onslaught from two enemy Heroes.  Play somewhat passive initially.  You do get incredibly strong, but you need a few talents under your belt.  Learning when to use Death Coil to heal or hurt is important.  It’s not something I can easily explain.  My general rule is to only use it for damage when you know it will secure a kill.  Be conservative with your Howling Blast.  Do not use it for damage, use it as a root to keep enemy Heroes from chasing or escaping.  Toggle Frozen Tempest on and off, don’t leave it up.  Use it to wave clear, but shut it off when you’re down to the last minion.  You can also slow enemy Heroes that get too close, or pull stealth Heroes out into the open.   Keep Frostmourne Hungers on cooldown, you really need the mana from it.  Don’t get too low on mana, go back when you are low.  You are pretty mana efficient at later levels, but mana is just as important as health to keeping you up your onslaught.  Don’t forget you are a tank.  Use yourself to block enemies from chasing your friends, or to block them in for a kill.  With all your healing and AoE capability, positioning is another weapon you wield. You’re also the perfect choice to take one for the team.  If you can sacrifice yourself to save your teammates from getting wrecked, you might have just saved the game.

Level 1

There are several talents to choose from: Block, Eternal Hunger, or Regeneration Master.  Block is a good choice if the enemy team has lots of damage (Assassins) or if you’re just unlocking Arthas.  Eternal Hunger can also be helpful because mana is super important to this Hero.  Regeneration Master is a good generic choice, or for cooperative (bot) games, but you have to commit to getting those little green globes!

Level 4

Frozen Wastes is the standout choice.  It makes your Frozen Tempest more mana efficient.  The other choices pale in comparison.  Keep playing defensively.  Your damage is decent, but you’re not invincible.  Yet.

Level 7

This is where things get awesome.  Rune Tap is a beast of a talent for you.  It gives you health, keeping you in the fight longer.  Now that you have Rune Tap, you can start to branch out solo on merc camps.  Maybe try a 1v1 against another Hero.  You can be a little more aggressive in running down enemies with other allies using your Frozen Tempest.

Level 10

I like Army of the Dead.  I’ve tried Sindragosa, but Army of the Dead gives you the additional option to heal yourself.  It’s great for soloing towers or in team fights.  With your Frozen Tempest activated, you make a valid target in team fights.  Army of the Dead keeps you up, keeping damage on you, and off your team mates.

You can solo push lanes with the best of ’em now.  You are also ready to start engaging in team fights, now that you have this extra source of health.  Get in there and cause chaos.  Make yourself a target with Frozen Tempest, make it hard to target anything with all your zombies running around, maybe initiate with your Howling Blast to lock down an unlucky enemy straggler.

Level 13

Spell Shield or Biting Cold are both good choices.  Look at the enemy team damage scores to determine your choice.  See which enemy Heroes are doing the most damage.  If they are ability based (Nova,Jaina), go with Spell Shield.  It blocks damage from abilities.  If the damage is coming from basic attacks (Valla, Sgt. Hammer), choose Biting Cold.  It makes your Frozen Tempest more potent, meaning squishy assassin champs eat floor faster.

Level 17

Immortal Coil is my hands down choice.  You heal yourself even when you use Death Coil for damage.  If you heal yourself with Death Coil, you heal for even more.  The amount of healing you can do at this point in the match is insane, especially if you took Regeneration Master early on.

Level 20

Legion of Northrend improves on your Army of the Dead, giving you more zombies to heal with, which also means more zombies to damage with.

Arthas The One True Lich King

If you like playing tank classes in MMOs, you will love this Arthas build.  He’s a great champ to play if you’re a solo gamer, as he has a lot of abilities that can keep him in lane.  A lot of his abilities have dual uses like Death Coil (heal/damage) Frozen Tempest (slow enemies you are chasing, or enemies chasing a friend), which makes him a very powerful Hero to have on your team.  Blizzard has really done a great job of making him feel all-powerful, and giving you the experience of being the Lich King!  Just remember, no king lasts forever…

TLDR Arthas Talent Build

  • Regeneration Master
  • Frozen Wastes
  • Rune Tap
  • Army of the Dead
  • Spell Shield
  • Immortal Coil
  • Legion of Northrend

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