Arthas Talent Builds (Lich King)

lich king hero of the storm

Melee Warrior Warcraft Hero

The Lich King is one of the toughest Heroes to date.  Even without taking all the defensive talents, he is really tough to kill.  Death Coil can either damage an enemy, or heal Arthas.  Howling Blast locks enemies down in a certain area, and does damage to them.  Frozen Tempest is an AoE you can turn on and off that slows and damages enemies within its reach.  Finally Frostmourne Hungers is how Arthas both does damage, and gets back mana.  It’s a very key skill to master.

Arthas Bringer Of Death

This build is more geared towards damage talents, and centers around using Frostmourne Hungers.  Eternal Hunger gives you back more mana when you use Frostmourne Hungers.  Destruction boosts the damage that Frostmourne Hunters deals.  Frost Strike slows enemies hit with Frostmourne Hungers.  Summon Sindragosa helps lock down enemies and disable structures.  Biting Cold increases the damage done by Frozen Tempest to help you push through minion waves faster.  Frostmourne Feeds gives you two strikes of Frostmourne Hungers.  Absolute Zero increases the distance of Sindragosa, and keeps targets slowed even after they are free.  You’ll basically want to time your burst around Frostmourne Hungers.  Coordinate with teammates to be even more devastating.

  • Eternal Hunger
  • Destruction
  • Frost Strike
  • Summon Sindragosa
  • Biting Cold
  • Frostmourne Feeds
  • Absolute Zero

Arthas The Invincible

Just like it sounds, this build will make you feel immortal!  This is my favorite build with Arthas.  Regeneration Master increases your regen with each health globe you pick up.  Picking up those globes is a priority!  Frozen Wastes reduces the mana cost of Frozen Tempest.  You’ll be using this ability to both chase down and escape from enemies, as well as tacking down structures.  It’s very versatile, so keeping mana costs down is important.  Rune tap heals you for every 3 basic attacks.  Army of the Dead gives you a bunch of fodder for structures, or a lot of healing for yourself.  It’s a very good utility ability.  Spell Shield reduces incoming ability damage, which is great when dealing with enemy Heroes.  Immortal Coil heals you when you use Death Coil on an enemy, and heals you extra when you use Death Coil on yourself!  Legion of Northrend increases the zombies spawned by Army of the Dead, and they last longer.

  • Regeneration Master
  • Frozen Wastes
  • Rune Tap
  • Army of the Dead
  • Spell Shield
  • Immortal Coil
  • Legion of Northrend

Arthas The One True Lich King

If you like playing tank classes in MMOs, you will love Arthas.  He’s a great champ to play if you’re a solo gamer, as he has a lot of abilities that can keep him in lane.  A lot of his abilities have dual uses like Death Coil (heal/damage) Frozen Tempest (slow enemies you are chasing, or enemies chasing a friend), which makes him a very powerful Hero to have on your team.  Blizzard has really done a great job of making him feel all-powerful, and giving you the experience of being the Lich King!  Just remember, no king lasts forever…

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