Brightwing Talent Builds

how to play brightwing

Ranged Support Warcraft Hero

Brightwing is a very powerful support Hero.  She puts out a ton of healing and crowd control (CC).  Arcane Flare drops a damage AoE, and Polymorph stops all damage from an enemy Hero. Pixie Dust blocks an enemy ability, and Brightwing’s passive Soothing Mist pulses heals every few seconds to allies.  Brightwing does have a nice travel skill, but it is on a longish cooldown.  The mobility is your tradeoff for all the amazing heals and buffs.  That said, Brightwing has some non-support options.

Brightwing Beatdown

This build is for pushing down the lane solo, or when you just don’t want to play support. Arcane Precision increases damage done by Arcane Flare.  Protective Shield gives you a shield for you or your allies.  Gust of Healing lets you activate your passive to heal.  Emerald Wind lets you damage and push around enemies.  Sticky Flare adds a slow to your Arcane Flare.  Great for hunting down enemy Heroes.  Critterize makes any Polymorphed enemy Heroes take extra damage.  Continuous Winds gives an extra two gusts of wind to Emerald Wind.

  • Arcane Precision
  • Protective Shield
  • Gust of Healing
  • Emerald Wind
  • Sticky Flare
  • Critterize
  • Continuous Winds

Friendly Faerie Brightwing

A support Brightwing down is all about setting up your ally Heroes for epic kills.  Shield Dust blocks an extra enemy ability.  Protective Shield gives an ally a shield in case they are taking too much damage.  Regenerative Rains gives additional heals whenever you autoattack.  Blink Heal lets you flash to a nearby ally, and heal them at the same time.  Great for catching up to targets.  Sticky Flare slows enemies hit by Arcane Flare, and Sticky Powder slows down Polymorphed targets.  Again, you are setting up your allies for success.  Ysera’s Blessing gives you more charges of Blink hots brightwingHeal.

  • Shield Dust
  • Protective Shield
  • Regenerative Rains
  • Blink Heal
  • Sticky Flare
  • Sticky Powder
  • Ysera’s Blessing

Tip: Use Blink Heal to catch up to an ally, then cast Pixie Dust to speed them up.  This will help you catch retreating enemy Heroes.

Brightwing, Queen of the Creepy

Brightwing says the creepiest, scariest things, in the most innocent and child-like voice.  It is hilarious.  Try to lane with someone, even if you are solo queued.  She is a support champ, so the team will benefit most by having Brightwing share her abilities with others.  You can pair off with a ranged or melee Hero on your team.  As a ranged support, Brightwing is very versatile.  Heal and buff your teammate while auto attacking minions.  Clear up the lane so your lane partner can focus on the enemy Heroes.

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