Falstad Talent Builds


Ranged Assassin Warcraft Hero

Falstad went through a major rework from Alpha to Beta.  As a ranged assassin, Falstad excels at killing enemy Heroes.  He has a Hammerang he can throw to damage and slow enemies.  His Lightning Rod does a chunk of damage, and more damage over time if you can stay in close enough.  His Barrel Roll gives him a short dash, as well as a temporary shield.  Finally his Tailwind passive lets you move quickly across the board.  Falstad doesn’t have a mount, obviously.  This is actually an advantage when you need to heal up.  Instead of visiting your closes moonwell, you can recall back to base, and use his Flight ability to leap back across the map!

Wave Clear Falstad

Seasoned Marksman will increase your damage as minions and heroes die around you.  Vampiric Assault keeps your health up, as Falstad attacks very quickly.  BOOMerang lets you set off an explosion when you throw out your hammer, wherever you want.  Right in the middle of a minion wave!  Hinterland Blast is a long range, heavy hitting skill shot.  It’ll let you support your teammates in a nearby lane.  Thunder Strikes will make your Lighting Rod deal more and more damage.  Aerie Gusts will let you move around the map more quickly while your Flight is on cooldown.  Call of the Wildhammer improves the range and damge on Hinterland Blast.  You could probably hit 3 minion waves with it at once.

  • Seasoned Marksman
  • Vampiric Assault
  • BOOMerang
  • Hinterland Blast
  • Thunder Strikes
  • Aerie Gusts
  • Call of the Wildhammer

Hero Huntin’ Falstad

Power Throw extends the range of your Hammerang, but also works with the Secret Weapon talent later.  Vampiric Assault lets you stay in your lane longer, letting you regen health.  Secret Weapon lets you deal more damage when your Hammerang is out.  Since you increased the range with Power Throw, you increased your window of burst damage!  Hinterland Blast is a SUPER long range blast.  Giant Killer of course gets your more damage on enemy heroes.  Hammer Time lets you stun anything you use your Hammerang on with a simple basic attack.  And Call of the Wildhammer increases your damage and range on Hinterland Blast.  This ability is great for those retreating enemies just out of your reach.

  • Power Throw
  • Vampiric Assault
  • Secret Weapon
  • Hinterland Blast
  • Giant Killer
  • Hammer Time
  • Call of the Wildhammer

Falstad The Furious

Falstad is a little squishy at times.  He has great mobility though thanks to Flight and his passive ability.  He is  a little heavy on the mana use, so keep an eye on your mana.  He depends a lot on skill shots, meaning you have to aim carefully.  If you’re good with that, Falstad will be good for you!  Griffons to the rescue!

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