Malfurion Talent Builds

Ranged Support Warcraft Herohow to play malfurion

Malfurion can play a hero focused support role, or do a little bit of minion wave clearing and a little bit of support.  His Regrowth is a heal for himself, another hero, or a minion.  His Moonfire is an AoE – great for said wave clearing.  Entangling Roots holds enemy heroes in place and deals damage to them.  His passive is Innervate, which gives someone else mana.  Malfurion cannot use Innervate on himself.  His ultimate can do healing with Tranquility, or silence and damage enemies with Twilight Dream.

Super Support Malfurion

Conjurer’s Pursuit is a must because it helps you permanently increase your mana regen.  Focus on gathering the regen globes that drop from enemy spellcaster minions!  Shando’s Clarity will let you Innervate allies more often.  If you are supporting allies without mana, you can choose Versatile to boost their attack speed (which is a damage boost too).  Enduring Growth increases the length of your heal, improving the amount healed.  Tranquility is perfect for group heals.  Life Seed heals nearby heroes passively, every 15 seconds using your Regrowth.  Lock down enemies longer with Tenacious Roots, and finally Serenity adds mana and more healing to your Tranquility.

  • Conjurer’s Pursuit
  • Shando’s Clarity/Versatile
  • Enduring Growth
  • Tranquility
  • Life Seed
  • Tenacious Roots
  • Serenity

Wave Clear Malfurion

Conjurer’s Pursuit is still a must if you want to clear waves.  Your Moonfire is going to use up mana quickly, and this will help you permanently increase your mana regen.  You must focus on gathering the globes that drop from enemy spellcaster minions.  Vengeful Root adds a little treant to help you beat on things when you cast your Entangling Roots.  Strangling Vines increases the damage of Entangling Roots.  Twilight Dream silences and damages enemies.  Full Moonfire decreases the mana cost, and widens the AoE of your Moonfire.  Hindering Moonfire slows enemies caught in your Moonfire.  Nightmare increases the silence duration of your Twilight Dream.

  • Conjurer’s Pursuit
  • Vengeful Root
  • Strangling Vines
  • Twilight Dream
  • Full Moonfire
  • Hindering Moonfire
  • Nightmare

Malfurion, Druid of the Storm

Malfurion will eat a lot of mana early game.  Let your lane partner know when you are close to OOM.  Be prepared to go back often to your mana wells.  Once you get those regen orbs built up, Conjurer’s Pursuit will start to pay off around level 10.  Also remember your heal is a HoT, or Heal Over Time.  It will slowly fill up the heal bar, instead of all at once.  Keep this in mind, and you’ll do just fine.  Good luck!

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