Raynor Talent Builds

Ranged Assassin Starcraft Hero

Raynor is a hero with a lot of versatility.  His Penetrating Round is a great knockback.  You can move enemies out of an advantageous position, or knock them into range of your other teammates.  It’s hard to maneuver behind sometimes, but a sneak attack can be deadly!  His Inspire ability buffs your minions, which is great for pushing lanes.  Raynor also has a self heal when he gets low on health.  Finally, his passive decreases your ability cooldowns when you kill enemies.

Raynor Heroes of the StormBunker Buster Raynor

Raynor has a SUPER fun talent build for pushing lanes.  You start off with Demolitionist, which works off your basic attack.  You deal extra damage to structures, and drain ammo from towers!  The drain is really quick too.  Vampiric assault is a must unless you are running with a Support.  Gotta have that sustain to stay in lane.  Heavy Ammo increases the damage done to structures with your Penetrating Round.  Hyperion is your ult, and it does a lot of damage.  It travels forward in a straight line, so use carefully.  If your Vampiric Assault is healing you enough, you can opt for Giant Killer.  Otherwise if you find yourself low on health constantly, pick up Activated Rush.  Cluster Round will do more all around damage with your Penetrating Round, which is great for clearing waves.  And again, depending on how your game is going, you can use Fury of the Storm for even more insane wave clear, or buff up your ultimate with Battle Hyperion.  Both are good choices.

  • Demolitionist
  • Vampiric Assault/Advanced Optics/Focused Attacks
  • Heavy Ammo
  • Hyperion
  • Giant Killer/Activated Rush
  • Cluster Round
  • Fury of the Storm/Battle Hyperion

Raynor Versus Enemy Heroes

Seasoned Marksman will improve your base damage over time, increasing as you kill enemies.  This will give you good burst late game.  Alternately if you are solo queuing, Give Me More can be a viable option to help you stay in lane.  If you take Give Me More, don’t take Vampiric Assault, and vice versa.  Advanced Optics increases your range, so it’s an alternative for Vampiric Assault.  Fight or Flight makes you unstoppable for a quick two seconds.  This means you can’t be crowd controlled, but you aren’t invulnerable!  Raynor’s Raiders helps you focus down a target by spawning two Banshees that will attack your target.  Giant Killer increases damage against enemy Heroes.  If you want more burst, Bullseye will do more damage to the first target hit by your Penetrating Round.  If you aren’t that good with skillshots, opt for Cluster Round.  It does more all around damage.  And finally, Hel’s Angels will buff your Banshee escorts.  More burst!

  • Seasoned Marksman/Give Me More
  • Vampiric Assault/Advanced Optics
  • Fight or Flight
  • Raynor’s Raiders
  • Giant Killer
  • Bullseye/Cluster Round
  • Hel’s Angels

Wrecking With Raynor

Raynor is a great champ to get started with.  He is strong early on, as well as late game.  No matter which build you choose, you can combine what you need from each depending on how your game is going.  If you need wave clear, grab an AoE ability.  If you need to assassinate a particular enemy hero, grab some extra Hero damage.  If your game isn’t going well, don’t get stuck on a static build.  You need to be flexible to win games!  And between damage, knockbacks, and self heals, Raynor brings a lot of tools to the table.

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