Sgt. Hammer Talent Builds

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Sgt. Hammer does massive, massive damage.  You can jump into Siege mode, and send that damage in from far away.  Her two big tradeoffs are no mount, and extreme vulnerability in siege mode.  Sgt. Hammer comes with boosters that give a temporary speed boost (like a Sprint in WoW).  Siege mode is where you do most of your damage, so you spend most of your time in siege mode.  It’s something to think about, but nothing to keep you away from her.  She is everything you’d expect from the iconic siege tank in Starcraft.

Sgt. Hammer Versus Heroes

Sgt. Hammer can put a hurtin’ on Heroes, human or computer.  If you want to focus on dropping enemy Heroes, then give this build a shot.  It’s got Lethal Blast to protect you while in Siege mode, Vampiric Assault for keeping your health up, and Hyper-cooling Engines to get the heck out of dodge when things get dicey.  Blunt Force Gun is your clean-up ability, Giant Killer for extra damage to heroes, and a Mine Field to set up speed bumps for your personal protection.  The final choice is up to you, depending on where you are in the game.  If you need to push the lane more, go with Fury of the Storm.  If you need to drop enemy heroes, go with Orbital BFG.

  • Lethal Blast
  • Vampiric Assault
  • Hyper-cooling Engines
  • Blunt Force Gun
  • Giant Killer
  • Mine Field
  • Fury of the Storm / Orbital BFG

Pushing The Lane With Sgt. Hammer

Because of the range on Sgt. Hammer, you can tear down towers and minions at the edge of your screen.  Advanced Artillery extends that ridiculous range even further, and Vampiric Assault to keep you from going back to your nexus every 5 minutes.  Hyper-cooling Engines once more for those emergencies, and Napalm Strike to clear those waves quickly.  Extra Damage with First Strike, and even more ridiculous range with Graduating Range.  Finally Advanced Lava Strike to make your Napalm extra effective.

  • Advanced Artillery
  • Vampiric Assault
  • Hyper-cooling Engines
  • Napalm Strike
  • First Strike
  • Graduating Range
  • Advanced Lava Strike

Death From Afar With Sgt. Hammer

This Hero is my favorite right now.  I love pushing lanes with her, and tearing down towers and walls from just outside of range.  She can do incredible damage if left alone.  You can also partner up with a Support or Melee Hero player to screen for you and keep enemies off of you while in Siege mode.  Sgt. Hammer is THE artillery piece for Heroes right now, and is ready to reign down hellfire on your enemies!

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