Sylvanas Talent Builds

Specialist Warcraft Heroranger general sylvanas skin

Sylvanas is the first Hero I bought outright.  She brings back a lot of memories from Warcraft 3!  She is an incredible at pushing lanes.  A lot of her abilities are aimed at towers and minions.  Withering fire shoots at the nearest enemy, and is replenished by killing enemies.  Shadow Dagger is a DoT that spreads between nearby enemies.  Haunting Wave is a cone attack, and lets you teleport along its path.  Your passive trait, Black Arrow, stuns towers, minions, and mercenaries.

Self Sustaining Sylvanas

A lot of Sylvanas’ abilities build on each other.  Lost Soul reduces the cooldown on Shadow Dagger.  This will really come in handy later.  Paralysis doubles the minion/merc/tower stun from Black Arrow.  Life Drain heals you for each target Shadow Dagger spreads to.  Wailing Arrow launches an arrow that silences and damages when it stops, or you can detonate it early.  Overwhelming Affliction makes your basic attacks slow enemy Heroes.  Great for chasing them down!  Cold Embrace makes every target affected by Shadow Dagger vulnerable!  You can wipe out entire teams and minion waves with this ability!  Deafening Blast increases the damage at the center of Wailing Arrow.

  • Lost Soul
  • Paralysis
  • Life Drain
  • Wailing Arrow
  • Overwhelming Affliction
  • Deafening Blast

Sylvanas, Queen of the Farm

Sylvanas was MADE to push lanes.  Barbed Shot deals triple damage with Withing Fire to minions.  Overflowing Quiver gives an extra free shot of Withering Fire when you reach full stacks.  Life Drain is your source of sustain, keeping you healed based on how many enemies Shadow Dagger spreads to.  Wailing Arrow is your choice for ult, giving you a nice chunk of damage. Splinter Shot fires an additional bolt at another target for Withering Fire.  That’s your third ability affecting Withering Fire.  Cold Embrace makes all enemies that Shadow Dagger spreads to vulnerable.  Finally you can go Deafening Blast to improve your Wailing Arrow.

  • Barbed Shot
  • Overflowing Quiver
  • Life Drain
  • Wailing Arrow
  • Splinter Shot
  • Cold Embrace
  • Fury of the Storm

AoE Is Key With Sylvanas

Shadow Dagger and Haunting Wave both attack multiple targets, as will Withering Shot once you start to talent into it.  Sylvanas is a very AoE heavy Hero.  She can stun towers, and literally solo a single tower.  She is great for pushing Mercenary camps as well for the same reasons.  Mastering Haunting Wave will be an important task.  You can use it to escape just as much as attack.  Her kit is all about dealing with the PvE elements of HotS.  You can adjust it to do more damage to enemy Heroes, or you can devastate enemy defenses.  The choice is up to you.

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