Tyrael Talent Builds


Melee Warrior Diablo Hero

Tyrael is a pretty solid melee hero.  El’Druin’s Might lets you lay down a nice circle AoE from afar, and you can activate it again to travel to that same area.  Righteousness gives you a very brief shield from damage.  Smite gives you another ranged AoE, with a boomerang shape.  In addition to damage, any allies that walk over the area get a movement speed boost.  Your passive makes you a ticking time bomb when you die, so head for the nearest enemy before you explode!

Tyrael Anti-Minion Build

Tyrael is great at clearing minions.  Take Horadric Reforging first to improve the damage of El’Druin’s Might.  This is your ‘main’ attack.  Vampiric Assault will get you back some much needed health when attacking.  Reciprocate will do AoE damage when your Righteousness wears off.  Judgement will be a better choice of ultimate abilities, however it is mainly for charging enemy Heroes to lock them down for a kill.  Burning Rage gives you a permanent AoE affect around you, burning all enemies.  Blade of Justice gives you a little burst damage after you use El’Druin’s Might.  Angel of Justice increases the range, and decreases the cooldown of your Judgement ultimate ability.

  • Horadric Reforging
  • Vampiric Assault
  • Reciprocate
  • Judgement
  • Burning Rage
  • Blade of Justice
  • Angel of Justice

Tyrael The Team Tank

You can build Tyrael to take a lot of punishment.  This makes him valuable to the team as an initiator, or someone who starts the teamfights.  Regeneration Master uses all those little green globes to amp up Tyrael’s health and mana regen.  Amplified healing improves all regen and healing affects for you. Battle Momentum lets your basic attack reduce your ability cooldowns.  Judgement is your big engage ability.  Use it to lock down fleeing or weak enemies for your team.  Burning Rage deals constant damage all around you.  Great for team fights, as well as wave clearing.  Blood for Blood is the perfect ability.  Takes away health from an enemy, gives that health to you, AND slows that enemy down as well.  Angel of Justice reduces the cooldown, and improves the damage of your ultimate ability(Judgement).  Nexus Blades may also be viable, using your basic attacks to keep enemies slowed and within reach of your teammates.

  • Turn Evil
  • Amplified Healing
  • Battle Momentum
  • Judgement
  • Burning Rage
  • Blood for Blood
  • Angel of Justice(Nexus Blades)

Tyrael Takes ‘Em Down

Tyrael excels at pursuing retreating enemy Heroes.  He’s also got great wave clear ability.  You’ve also got a pure tanky build, stacking as much survivability as you can.  Currently he is one of the more popular tanks.  Be Heaven’s right hand with TYRAEL!

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