Uther Talent Builds

Melee Support Warcraft Hero

Uther is a formidalbe Support Hero in Heroes of the Storm.  He is the ultimate lane partner.  You will definitely want to partner with someone early on, but mid to late game you can solo a little bit.  The support role is where you will dominate though.  Soloing is viable, but you are still weak early game.

Support Uther Lane PartnerUther Blizz Heroes

Fist of Justice reduces the cooldown of your stun with each basic attack.  Hammer of the Lightbringer is a key talent to take, as all the healing is going to eat mana.  Melee attacking with Lightbringer gets mana back quickly.  Wave of Light is another mana saver, refunding your mana when you heal an ally.  Try to get behind an ally to use this ability.  That way you get the heal off on your ally, and put some hurt on enemies or enemy minions.  Divine Shield is your trademark Paladin bubble, great for putting on champs that like to rush in.  Blessed Champion causes a nearby Hero to be healed on your next basic attack, after you cast a Holy Light.  Benediction reduces the mana cost of your next ability, great for those times you are low on Mana. Bulwark of Light increases your Divine Shield bubble length.

  • Fist of Justice
  • Hammer of the Lightbringer
  • Wave of Light
  • Divine Shield
  • Blessed Champion
  • Benediction
  • Bulwark of Light

Solo Uther

While Uther is definitely not a damage powerhouse, you can still solo with him some.  Be careful early on, and play defensively.  Start off with Fist of Justice to decrease your stun cooldown.  Again, Hammer of the Lightbringer is a stable to manage mana consumption.  If you are wave clearing, take Holy Fire for AoE damage cloud.  Alternately if you are Hero-hunting, take Burden of Guilt to slow heroes after you stun them.  Divine Storm is a great AoE stun and damage dealer.  Holy Shock for the extra damage poke, and Imposing Presence can help you mitigate basic attacks from enemy heroes.  Divine Hurricane to improve the reach and cooldown of Divine Storm.

  • Fist of Justice
  • Hammer of the Lightbringer
  • Holy Fire/Burden of Guilt
  • Divine Storm
  • Holy Shock
  • Imposing Presence
  • Divine Hurricane

Up Close And Personal With Uther

Being melee and a support role takes some practice.  Having to be on the front line to get your mana back makes you vulnerable to ranged enemy champs.  Your best bet is to work with a lane partner to go back and forth until the right moment.  Soloing is going to be rough, so buckle up.  You can also try blending the two builds from above to come up with a hybrid of sorts to find a balance of sorts.  Wield the Light responsibly, Hero!

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