Valla Talent Builds

Ranged Assassin Diablo Hero

Valla is a ranged Assassin hero, meaning she’s good at taking down enemy heroes.  She plays very similar to Vayne from League of Legends.  She’s also good at pushing a lane because she can really clear minions quickly.  AoE is somewhat of a focus for Valla.  She is very squishy, and can’t take much of a beating from heroes or minions.

Valla Versus Heroes

Blizz Heroes VallaValla has some nice abilities for focusing on heroes.  Cost-Effective Materials lowers your mana costs, which is a good thing.  Valla can really empty a mana bar, and this helps keep your mana bar full(ish).  Vampiric Assault keeps you in the lane instead of falling back all the time.  Repeating Arrow lets you cast your main attack twice, and it’ll take a second chunk of life from an enemy.  Rain of Vengenace lets you stun enemies, locking them in place for you and your team.  Giant Killer to increase the damage to enemy heroes, and Tumble to reset your dodge.  Finally Storm of Vengeance to double up on the volleys of your ultimate ability.

  • Cost-Effective Materials
  • Vampiric Assault
  • Repeating Arrow
  • Rain of Vengeance
  • Giant Killer
  • Tumble
  • Storm of Vengeance

Pushing The Lane With Valla

Valla’s AoE abilities make her an exceptional lane pusher.  Cost-Effective Materials will keep your mana up.  Arsenal will improve the AoE damage on your Multishot, and Battle Momentum will speed up your ability cooldowns.  Strafe will obliterate anything around you, and Tempered by Discipline will bring you some much needed healing.  You’ll have to be a little more careful early game since you won’t have any sustain early on.  Once you have Tempered by Discipline, make sure you build full hatred stacks, and then keep hitting.  Tumble gives you an extra escape, or you can use Stone Skin if you’re mostly avoiding towers and minions.  Finally Fury of the Storm will help with wave clear even more, or you can go Vengeance and boost your ultimate ability damage.

  • Cost-Effective Materials
  • Arsenal
  • Battle Momentum
  • Strafe
  • Tempered by Discipline
  • Tumble(Stone Skin)
  • Fury of the Storm(Vengeance)

Waves of Death From Valla

Valla comes free with Diablo III’s expansion.  She’s the Hero I’ve used most to this point.  I love pushing lanes with her, as well as assassinating enemy heroes as they try to run away.  A quick Vault towards them, and a Hungering Arrow to the back.  Her double crossbows can return health really quickly too.  The only downsides are how fast she goes through mana, and how easy she is to focus down.  Keep this in mind, and you should have no trouble mastering Valla!

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