Ways To Make Gold In Heroes of the Storm

Earning Gold In HotS

When you first start playing Heroes of the Storm, you notice that gold doesn’t come as fast as you’d like.  Which is a good thing, because it means you are finding things to look forward to in the game!  I’ve listed below all the ways you can make gold in Heroes of the Storm.  You can check them out, and then plan accordingly to up your cash (gold) flow!  One thing I have learned is that it may seem like it takes a lot to farm gold at first, but if you keep playing, it won’t be as bad as you think.

Make Gold Playing Games

The most common way to earn gold in Heroes of the Storm is to just play games.

  • Play a Versus AI (bot) game : 10g win, 0g loss
  • Play a Quick Match (PvP) Game : 30g win, 20g loss
  • Play a Hero League (ranked PvP) Game : 30g win, 20g loss

Make Gold While Leveling

There are certain milestones you can hit in the game that reward bonus free gold in Heroes of the Storm.  You can also find these milestones in your profile in-game.

  • Get to level 5 with a Hero : 500g
  • Get to player level 2 : 1000g
  • Get to player level 4 : 1000g
  • Get to player level 8 : 2000g
  • Get to player level 10 : 2000g, Stimpack (See below)
  • Get to player level 20 : 2000g
  • Get to player level 25 : 2000g
  • Get to player level 30 : 2000g
  • Get to player level 35 : 2000g
  • Get to player level 40 : 2000g

Character Leveling

  • Get a Hero to level 9  : 750g
  • Get a Hero to Hero level 15 : 1000g
  • Get a Hero to Hero level 20 : 2000g

Make Gold With Daily Quests


There are several types of daily quests you can get.  You get 1 daily quest each day at 6:00 AM EST/3:00 AM PST/11:00 AM GMT.  It is random which Daily Quest you get each day, and you can hold up to 3 Daily Quests in HotS at a time.  You can also complete more than one Daily Quest each day if you have more than one.  Daily quests award various amounts of gold.

  • Play two games with a hero from a specific game(Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft) : 200g
  • Play three games with a specific hero type(Assassin, Warrior, Melee, Specialist, and Support) : 300g
  • Win three games : 600g
  • Play eight games : 800g


You can buy an item from the Shop called a Stimpacks to boost your gold income.

  • +50% Gold rewards from games (not dailies).

Special Events

With the Eternal Conflict Diablo patch, Blizzard introduced special events.  During the event, you got 100g each day for killing a treasure goblin.  It was a special daily event quest that rewarded gold.  There are almost certainly going to be more events, so keep an eye out for these bonus gold making opportunities.

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