Guide to Jungling in League of Legends

How To Jungle In League Of Legends In Six Easy Steps

Jungling in League of Legends is not hard.  Once you learn how to jungle, it just takes a few games to get it down pat.  This guide will show you the basics of jungling in League of Legends.  It is not all encompassing, and some champions will do things differently.  This guide is meant to get you pointed in the right direction.  It is aimed towards someone who has never jungled before, or is confused about jungling.

Jungling Guide
There are two jungles: top and bottom. Each jungle has two halves. The halves diagonal from one another are identical as far as buffs and monsters.

What Junglers Do

Junglers stay out of lanes to get their XP and gold from monsters.  This allows top, mid, and jungle to level up quickly because they don’t have to share.  The rest of the team should leave the monsters alone if you are nearby.  If you are far away, it’s ok for your team to share your jungle monsters.  They respawn quickly.  Junglers are also responsible for popping out of the woodwork to surprise attack enemies, helping their teammates secure kills.

Champion Selection

The first thing you need to do is pick a champion to jungle with.  Not all champions can jungle.  Search for a champion guide on Solomid, Mobafire, or similar site.  Jungle builds are vastly different between champions, so you’ll need to set this up before you try to jungle.  You can also just use your regular champion build to jungle, and join a beginner bot game.  Don’t forget to take Smite as one of your summoner skills.  Smite deals massive damage to minions and monsters.

Jungle Path

There is an initial path you need to take with your jungler.  After you’ve done it once, you’ll need to mix it up based on where you are.  You’ll want to clear the jungle as quickly as you can.  If you are staying within a level of everyone, you’re doing it right.

Buffs (1 and 2)

Most champions will start their jungle path at the blue buff golem.  You will want to save your smite for red buff lizard.  This means you need help to kill the blue buff golem, so politely ask mid or top to help you.  As long as you get the last hit on the golem, you will get the blue buff.  This will increase your mana regen, and lower your ability cooldowns.  Next you move to red buff lizard.  Red buff slows enemies, and deals some damage to them.  You shouldn’t need help for this one.  Make sure you don’t need to use a health potion before attacking.  Once you have blue and red buff, you’re ready to gank.

  • Blue buff Golem – Spawns at 1:55 and every 5 minutes after it’s killed.
  • Red buff Lizard – Spawns at 1:55 and every 5 minutes after it’s killed.

How to jungle in League of Legends.

Gank (3)

Whichever lane is pushed is the one you need to try to gank.  A pushed lane is one where your enemy has your teammate pushed to your team’s tower.  Use your pings far enough in advance to let the player in that lane know you are coming.  Communication as a jungler is very important.  Sometimes, you may not even gank.  You may just need to harass enemy champions to pull them off your teammates.  This step is situational.

Farm (4 and 5)

Hopefully you’ve got a kill or an assist, because it’s back to the jungle for you.  You will want to kill the monster cluster closest to you.  Those clusters are one of the following:

  • Wolves (Ws)
  • Golems (G)
  • Wraiths (Ws)
  • Dragon* – You will need help killing this.  It spawns at 2:30 and spawns every 6 minutes after it’s killed.  It rewards everyone with 190 gold so kill it as often as you can.

You’ll want to clear 2 or 3 groups, probably wolves and wraiths.  I kill the weaker monsters in the cluster first before moving to the main monster (it’s usually bigger and a different color).  Don’t forget to use your Smite as often as you can.  Keep an eye on your gold too so you know when to go back and buy items.

Counter Jungle (6)

Now that you’re a little higher level, you’ll want to counter jungle.  Steal some of the monsters from the enemy jungle, kill the enemy jungler, or leave just one of the monsters alive so your enemy will waste time traveling to it.  It’s about slowing down their progress so you can stay ahead.  It’s a race to stay on top.  You may need to help a pushed lane instead, so be flexible.

How to jungle in League of Legends.

Farm, Repeat

Now you’re back to clearing monsters.  Just keep clearing the monsters closest to you, then move to the next closest, and the next closest until you have an opportunity to gank, need to help a teammate, or go back for items.  Flexibility is what jungling is all about.

Junglers Are Still Team Members

Junglers still have to work with the team.  Sharing the blue and red buffs is important.  Remember, this guide is just to get you started.  It is not all inclusive by any means.  It’s what i’ve learned from jungling up to this point.  As I learn more, i’ll update this guide, or start an advanced one.  In the meantime, if you have any jungling tips or knowledge, please share it in the comments below.  You can watch my channel to see the basics in action, just ask in the chat to see my jungle.

Once you’ve mastered everything here, you can move on to the Intermediate Jungling Guide.

Volibear is my favorite champion to jungle with, who’s yours?

10 Replies to “Guide to Jungling in League of Legends”

  1. I think this guide is off to a good start. I’m a novice jungler, but here are some of my comments and suggestions:

    – There should be a description of the jungler’s role at the beginning of the guide. Knowing my goals from the start keeps me focused on the big picture. (You would also be moving some of what you said under Junglers Are Still Team Members to the top then.)

    – Highlight/bold the fact that “Jungle builds are vastly different between champions”. All too often I see a clueless Fiddlesticks building like an AD jungler. In fact, you could use that scenario as an example.

    – You have good explanations throughout the guide (explaining what a pushed lane is, what Blue Buff does, etc.) but extend those descriptions to other things. Why is Smite important? What does Red Buff do? What happens when I leave one jungle creep alive?

    – Lastly, you could round things off with a jungle scenario going through all the steps you talked about. A short story can be another measure to help players remember what was taught.

    Your guide is nice since it is fairly short so I hope my suggestions wouldn’t make it too much longer. Good luck!
    (Zac is my favorite jungler.)

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to look over it. I am going for short, but I like a lot of your suggestions. I’ve updated it a bit, as well as fixing the maps. Thanks.

  2. the general info I gave was for the specific champs you were using. Voilbear, Nasus, and that other guy I think there was one more you tried, could level 3 gank, but champs like Vi,Fiddle, nunu, warwick shouldn’t gank till 6 unless they have a Huge advantage. And you can make an super general guide to jungling but it would only be on, the responsibilities of a jungler not where to go an how to do it. Like place wards in their jungle if you go in(list a few key spots), kill Dragon(list his spawn timer and respawn interval), Baron timers and intervals, and key spot to be mindful when ganking due to popular warding. Kind of the same way you would make a general Lane guide, Top lanes responsibilities, mids and bot. The misleading part is the Start points based on level, that changes champ to champ. I would suggest listing where champs you know start 2 or 3 examples then look up a few popular ones and list where they start. Tryndamere starts red (if hes smart), Warwick starts wolves, and Lee Sin can do either Red or Blue starts. Also the Gank (phase at level 3) that like I pointed out in the begining is misleading. List a few champs you had success level 3 ganking, and who you’ve played again that has, then ones that you’ve seen do terrible when they tried at 3… nothing more funny than a level 3 warwick trying to run down an adc with no gap closer.
    For the google thing, I ment just get one of Leagues base maps not one some used, and then use your MSpaint skillz to map out a jungle route (you use, then an alternative base on what you’ve seen) use one for Key ward placements for your side(their red and blue buff, the opening of the jungle between the outer 2 turrets, baron/dragon and more) and a Map to show where to be cautious no to go due to popular enemy warding.
    The last thing was the items and masteries, I would link what masteries have been successful to you, and runes. Like I go 20/9/0 build like this on Volibear (insert html link) but this has been rather successful as well (html link). I only mention this because if someone is going to go through and read the blog and keep up with it. They should be able to have the bases of at least 1 chara set up to kinda prevent them from having to go right to mobafire and looking up a jungle guide which is kinda counter productive. Its the start to a great general guide to a specific lane of League of legends and I could get someone you can walk thur the process in Vent/mumble going, But for a random Blog reader it needs a little more depth in the WAY you jungle the basic DO’s and DO NOT’s, and letting people know that even though in bots its easy to gank and get kills, learn to be a little selfless let your Mid and Adc get credit for kills in their lane it lets them out gold their opponent which lets them win their lanes. Great start to a guide, I’ll help in anyway just hit me up I’d like to see it completed and see a guide to other lanes.

  3. you shouldn’t make a general guide to jungling, There is too much info to misinterpreted, make a guide for the jungler you know. You know volibear you know where he starts, and what his early game potential is. Not all junglers start at a buff, and most can’t pre 6 gank. And don’t use MSpaint to make maps they are misleading as well. Goggle is our friend it knows all and sees all.
    Also counter jungling, can be done at any level as long as you know where their jungler is. If he just ganked for Bot, Take his red and golems. See him up top, take his blue and wolves. Tiny Tip counter jungling isnt always about money or buffs, it’s about making them waste time if you leave 1 tiny minon or the small golem at a camp it stays on their map as an available camp making them waste time going to it.
    With all that said… I would redo the guide to be More informative and less general. Make a guide to Voilbear and include the general knowledge that someone would need to start jungling so they can pick up voilbear on a free week and go it with confidence. Include items, masteries and runes as well as when you buy and the order at which you buy. Once you make 1 guide you can use it as a reference for other Junglers as you learn them.

    1. Your general tips (assuming you’re the same John)were what I started jungling with. They worked well enough for me, added to the one video I watched, and build guides I used. Some champs are different, but for a beginning jungler in a bot game, I think it’s OK. I agree there is no way to make one end-all-be-all guide for jungling, and that’s not what this is meant to be.

      As for the maps, I did Google for one. Nothing came up that I felt comfortable using. I’m overly cautious about using people’s works. My art skills are next to nonexistent, so I have to make do. What do you find misleading?

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll be adding it when I can. As for making a specific guide, places like Solomid and Mobafire already have those. I don’t feel I have anything new, different, or better to offer right now. I’d just be copying at this point, and that’d be wrong. Maybe when I’ve had more experience, or when a new champ is released. I’ll certainly keep it in mind.

  4. Nothing about Baron, nothing about warding. Jungle is the secondary warder, (tho all teammates should be helping out with wards when they can).

    1. Just the feedback I wanted, thanks. I was actually going to have you look this over before I posted it, but when I changed the site last night I just sorta threw it to the wolves, so to speak. I’ll definitely add some mention of warding. I’ve never heard of baron being a jungler responsibility though. Is that something you’ve experienced?

      1. Any neutral mob that is not a champ is a jungler responsibility. Junglers are to keep track of all timers on Red buff, Blue buff, Dragon, and Baron. You as a jungler are responsible for securing(last hitting) these buffs with smite. They are all highly contested and can be “smite stolen” (Their enemy jungler beat you to the smite).
        Also, you take the first blue buff or two, but after that they go to mid lane. Your ap carry needs the mana regen, cdr more than you. This goes for energy users and non mana users as well. They get the blue for the cdr.
        Red buff is the same except it goes to your adc (although an ad bruiser top such as renekton may grab red as well).
        As far as warding, you should try to ward for top if they are being pressed and can’t afford to get the ward themselves. Same for mid. Also the ward for baron if your support is still in lane after 20 minutes or so (baron doesn’t spawn till 15 minutes). Support wards bot lane, dragon and other areas based on situation (like the enemy blue buff, or if being counterjungled, ally red buff). You are also the secondary teammate to get oracles for ward clearing. There are times when the support just can’t afford to get the oracles and clearing out wards around dragon/baron and brush fall to you.
        After laning phase had ended, your jungle is really not your own. If mid isn’t farmed up enough, they may start consistently taking your wraiths. Top may get your wolves on their way back to lane. Bot usually takes your double golems.
        The thing to remember is that you are basically a second support. You are roaming the map (yes clearing camps if they are up), looking for ganks, teamfights, shoring up your lanes, pink warding Baron/Dragon, counterjungling if possible.

      2. Thanks again for all the info. I was somewhat aware of being the second support, but I wasn’t aware to this extent. My target audience for this guide is someone who’s never jungled before. I want to give just enough info to get them started, and to keep from overwhelming them at the same time. I avoided jungling for a long time for that reason, only to find out it’s just another lane (so to speak). I have always planned to make a follow up guide as I progress myself, so I will definitely be using every bit of your information I can. With all this feedback, I can start a lot sooner. Also hopefully someone will read the comments here and pick your tips up also. That’s the biggest goal for me with this site; to have someone come here and learn something. Even if it isn’t from me.

      3. I’m just glad you take the comments as they are intended. As far as jungle being a “just another lane”, I have to disagree. Jungle is an advanced role. Time management is crucial. You have to know when all the buffs come up and if possible, the enemy buff timers as well. You have to have constant FULL map awareness to know which lanes are pushed, which lanes may need help/coverage, who may be roaming (ally or enemy both) and a multitude of other things. Honestly, in my own opinion, jungling is the hardest role on the map, with support coming in second.
        Most people that want to start jungling have already got the basic mechanics of the game and laning down, so I think that you just made it a little tooooo basic.
        I agree with John, that your maps are kinda sketchy. And it’s just because, again, they are too basic. The gaps between the river and the jungle patches can mislead a beginner into thinking that there is actual play space there, which there is not. (and before you say, wait! you said that most beginner junglers know this..If you look at your beginners guide to laning, you’ll see that you used the same map, with the same dead space).
        I think for what you were trying to do, you did a good job. +1

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