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Player Laning Guide For League Of Legends

It took me awhile to learn which types of champions go to which lanes in League of Legends.  This guide is for the Summoner’s Rift map.  Dominion, Howling Abyss, and Twisted Treeline maps all have very different strategies.

Summoner's Rift Lanes

Top Lane

In ranked and PvP games top lane is typically a solo lane.  In A.I. or ‘bot’ games you can duo top lane for fun.  The reason it is a solo lane is to expedite a player’s XP and gold, allowing them to level up quickly.  Top lane will have to worry about ganks, so a ward in the bush below you in the river is a good idea.  The types of champions ideal for top lane are usually Tanks, Assassins, and Fighters.

Middle Lane

The mid lane is also a solo lane.  Mid lane champs are typically Mages, although a few specific non-mage champions (Katarina, Jayce, etc) are well suited for mid.  Because you are in the middle lane, a ward above and/or below you in the bushes at the river is a good idea.  The type of champion ideal for Mid lane is a Mage.

Bottom Lane

The bottom lane is the only duo lane.  These two players should be your ADC and Support.  These two players MUST work together to be successful.

AD Carry

The term ‘ADC’ means AD Carry or Attack Damage Carry.  Your job early on is to last hit every minion you can.  Get all the champion kills you safely can, but your priority early on is minion gold.  You need to coordinate with your Support to do this.  The more champion kills you get, the faster you will get gold, and the more powerful you will become.  Later in the game, this is how you ‘carry’ your team to victory.  Through enormous amounts of damage.  AD Carry are referred to as Marksmen.


It is very important to ‘feed’ the AD carry, or let them get as many killing blows as possible on both champions and minions.  That’s the job of the Support role.  You throw shields, stuns, pokes, roots, slows, or use whatever abilities you have to position targets for the ADC and your team.  If you are getting assists like you should be, your gold will flow steadily enough.  You are also responsible for placing wards in your lane early on, and the majority of wards across the map later in the game.  Wards win games.  Support is a thankless role often, and the least favorite one.

Support champions are listed as Support, however there are many others suitable for a Support role.  Crowd control abilities like stuns and snares, as well as shields and pulls can signal a particular champ is able to Support.  If you’re new, stick to the ones labeled Support, then branch out by reading guides on your favorite champs.

The Jungle

A Jungler roams the ‘jungle’ between lanes.  This player gets his gold and XP off of the monsters (not minions) in the jungle.  Like the ADC, it is important to last hit jungle monsters with smite.  This will provide bonuses to the entire team.  This includes the Dragon in the river.  The Jungler is also responsible for ganking lanes when they are pushed to a friendly tower, or to assist a player in need of help.  Junglers should also counter-jungle, meaning they head into the enemy jungle to deny the enemy Jungler of XP and gold from their monsters.  Jungling can be different from champion to champion.  Sites like MOBAFire and Solomid can help you with jungling guides for specific champions.  The types of champions best for Jungling are Assassin, Fighter, and Tank.

Where to Place Wards

Wards win games.  There are two kinds of wards you can place.  There are Sight Wards and Vision Wards.  The Vision Wards will reveal Sight Wards so you can destroy your opponent’s wards. Early in the game top lane and mid lane should place their own wards.  Support will place wards for bottom lane.  Only the Support needs to start the game with a ward.  Top and Mid lanes can start wards when they go back the first time.

Ward Placement

Placing Wards in the upper left and lower right corner bushes is optional.  If you are pushing the enemy to their tower, you will want to place wards in one or both of these bushes.  If you are getting pushed to your tower, you will only need to place a ward in your tri-bush, or T bush at the corner of the jungle.

Sight Wards are cheap, making them good choices early game.  The first ward you place can be a Sight Ward.  Otherwise you can follow the diagram above for the second ward and beyond.  You only need to place wards up to the far edge of the river at the beginning.  As you take towers down, you will place wards on the opposite side of the map.

Towards the end of the game, the Support player will be placing the majority of wards.  Other players may need to place a ward here and there to help the Support.  When the Support is buying wards, they aren’t buying items.  As a general rule of thumb, place wards in bushes.

Every Game Is Different

This is not an exhaustive guide.  Depending on team makeups and any number of situations, things can change.  This is just a general guide to get you going in the right direction. If you have any additions or corrections, leave them in the comments below.  If you use this guide, please leave a comment.  I like to know people find it useful!

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