Nova Talent Builds

novaRanged Assassin Starcraft Hero

Nova plays pretty much one roll.  Assassin.  And she excels at it.  While playing Nova, you should focus on attacking enemy Heroes.  Don’t ignore minions, but your strength is hunting down heroes to the ends of the earth!  The only question you have to ask is whether you want to kill them slowly, or quickly.  In turn for the massive damage, you will be exceedingly squishy.  The term “glass cannon: comes to mind.

Hero Hunter Nova

Psi-Op Rangefinder increases the range on your Snipe.  Perfect Shot refunds mana from Snipe, which is what you’ll need because Snipe is a pretty staple ability.  Explosive Round deals AoE damage with Snipe, which serves a double function of sniping at Heroes, and clearing minions.  Triple Tap gives you 3 good bursts of damage at any target.  Advanced Cloaking is your regen ability that keeps you from having to hearth every 5 minutes.  Railgun makes your Snipe hit multiple targets, and Fast Reload does just what it says.  It reduces the cooldown on Triple Tap if you get a killing blow on an enemy Hero with it.

  • Psi-Op Rangefinder
  • Perfect Shot
  • Explosive Round
  • Triple Tap
  • Advanced Cloaking
  • Railgun
  • Fast Reload

Surprise Burst Nova

Now this build is really squishy, but when you hit, you will ruin someone’s day.  Tazer Rounds improves the slow on your Pinning Shot, keeping enemies in range longer.  Gathering Power increases Ability Power with kills, which in turn improves your damage.  This build is all about burst.  Anti-Armor Shells improves your single shot damage, but increases time between shots.  You don’t lose any DPS, you just get bigger chunks.  Precision Strike is the more powerful of the two ultimate abilities.  Advanced Cloaking lets you regen between slaughtering Heroes.  Crippling Shot makes your Pinning Shot increase damage on the targeted enemy.  And finally, Precision Barrage lets you drop your Precision Strike twice in a row!

  • Tazer Rounds
  • Gathering Shower
  • Anti-Armor Shells
  • Precision Strike
  • Advanced Cloaking
  • Crippling Shot
  • Precision Barrage

Knock ’em Dead With Nova

Nova is not your best solo lane Hero.  You’ll want to have a partner if you’re laning.  You can also stay mobile, sneaking between lanes to try ganking enemy Heroes.  She has just a tremendous amount of burst potential.  Snipe, followed up by an auto-attack, then a Pinning Shot, and they should be all but dead.  Practice with your cloak timing to evade enemies, as well as your skillshot placement, and you’ll do Nova proud.  You’ll leave your enemies trying to figure out how you just did that.  Win-win.

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