Novadive Scout Build

NovaDive Build Theme

The NovaDive is a scout.  It’s Empire counterpart is the Blackbolt.  This scout ship is great at assaulting satellites in Domination games.  Its engines are it’s biggest asset.  The speed and sustain makes it great in TDM games as well.  Add double missile breaks and you have a very nimble and deadly scout.  Thanks to Rumina/Tometejee of Jung Ma for helping with this build.

NovaDive Setup

Knowing what your NovaDive is like in battle helps you set it up.

NovaDive Components

The first three will be your in-game weapons, the last two will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Light Laser Cannon or Laser Cannon.
  • Secondary Weapons : Sabotage Probe – Lock down your enemies!  Missile Pods are an option for an anti-satellite build.
  • Systems : Booster Recharge – Keeps those engines going.  EMP Field for an anti-satellite build.
  • Shields : Distortion Field – Missile Break & Evasion.
  • Engines : Any will do based on your playstyle.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Lightweight Armor – Evasion to avoid those pesky scout fighters.  Reinforced armor also viable.
  • Capacitor : Damage Capacitor – You want all the damage you can get when you have to resort to blasters.
  • Capacitor : Range Capacitor – Depending on your blasters, you may need a little range boost.  Frequency Capacitor is also an option.
  • Thrusters : Power Thrusters – Increases engine pool.

NovaDive Cosmetics

Make the prettiest little NovaDive you can!

NovaDive Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.

  • Co-Pilot – Concentrated Fire (Qyzen Fess)  Burst damage, best damage.

  •  Offensive – Improved Kill Zone and Pinpointing – Bigger firing arc, and better blaster accuracy. (Qyzen Fess)
  • Defensive – Structural Support and Response Tuning – Decrease damage taken, and extra evasion. (Bowdaar)
  • Tactical – Depth of Field and Comm Boost – Increasing your detection range and team communication range. (Kendra Novar)
  • Engineering – Power to Engines and Efficient Maneuvers – Sustained engine boosting, and lower ability costs. (C2-N2)

Strategy For NovaDive Pilots

Use sabotage probe to lock your enemy down.  Let them cruise into a cliffside, or finish them off yourself.  The main focus of your build is your engines.  You play a mostly support role, but can still dish out some decent damage.  If you chose the anti-satellite options, use your EMP to not only disable bombers, but to stop missile breaks.  EMP explosions also prevent your target from using missile break abilities once your EMP is fully upgraded.

NovaDive Right In

The NovaDive is an in and out, fast support scout.  You can choose the harassment build, or the anti-satellite build.  With a harassment build, you are basically a nuisance, annoying gunships and bombers enough to chase them away.  With an anti-satellite build, you should lead the charge on objectives and take out the powerful defense cannons.  Either way, hit and run is the name of the game.  I’ll be updating the build as time, experience, and patches dictate.  If you have any questions, or feedback, fire away in the comments below.

Other Scout Builds

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