Arathi Basin Tabard

I found out today that there is still a questline involved with Arathi Basin.  The final reward is the tabard, which for Alliance is pretty cool.  No idea what the Horde one looks like.  So go pick it up, as it involves 4 and 5 capping, and if I recall you have to do it multiple times.

Doubling down!

This is how my battlegrounds started today.  Dueled Arandir, and got owned badly.  So we grouped up, grabbed a Mage that was dueling with us, and hit the random queue button.  Came up with WSG.  Arandir dominated the flag caps, leaving me to look really good with top damage.  So good, that #2 wasn’t even at HALF of mine!  Did several other BGs today too and haven’t lost yet.  This new battlegroup is looking nice.  Though I heard they’ve only mixed two so far, not all of them yet.

Know Thy Enemy: Rogues

This time we’ll be trying something different.  I’ve managed a special guest to answer all your questions about Rogues.  I found the best Rogue I know, and he agreed to help.  Ask whatever you want, and our resident Rogue expert will be along around 8pm EST to start responding to questions.  Talk shop, ask questions, throw up a strategy and get some feedback from someone who’s been there!  Theorycrafting or basic, feel free to ask. Might be a good time for anyone leveling or wanting to level a Rogue to ask some basic questions. And with that, RIM, TAKE IT AWAY!