Final thoughts for the day, 10/24-25/2010

So with our new transfers, we really killed in battlegrounds.  We had more people that wanted to come than we could invite.  There were at least three people wanting in after we were full at one point.  Bodes well for our rated battlegrounds.  We only fought one premade, and it was a TOUGH fight, but we squeezed in a win because they got cocky.  The most impressive part was how we could literally just control the entire battleground.  Got too far ahead in AB?  Fell back and waited.  Four capped when we wanted in EotS.  We even managed to put the flag in the general area we wanted it.  I had a really good time today with everyone, it was pretty encouraging.  Even got to squeeze in some world PvP in between fights, and a little dueling here and there.  Feeling right at home on my Warrior now, now if only I could get back that way on my Paladin…

Don’t forget, Rogue questions tommorrow!  I mean, today.

World PvP: Stormwind 10/25/2010


Stormwind LocalDefense started ringing while I was there, so I went to see who was here this time.  I found a Boomkin on the bridge at the front gate.  He rooted me…and then he pretty much got roflstomped by me.  I have to time it right, but my Warrior can really put out a hurtin’ in a hurry.  I think he might have done 2k damage to me.  So of course he came back with a Paladin, but I managed to slink away and join the Alterac Valley we were all previously queued for.

Hopped out, and caught an eyeful of spam from the Cathedral District!  So from there, it was on.  Grabbed the Paladin, and we completely wrecked them.  All the way from the very bottom of the basement out to the trade district we wrecked them.  They took a little too long each time to get back going, my PvP flag more than reset each time.  Finally they summoned a Warlock, but he wasn’t much help, they still got decimated each time they rezzed.

Fun fight though.  The Alliance took a little bit to rally each time, but they always came through.  My only death came when 3 of them piled on me because no Alliance showed up (despite having been asking for help in LoacalDefense for at least 5 minutes).

1, 2, 3.  3 dead Horde.
Alliance: Akallandin, Mecurio, Boxyloxy, Mystikan, Resileaf, Celestina, Archmortal, Artagel, *
Horde: Dybuk, Rastopher, Blarr, *

New friends!

Had several faction transfers today.  They made up a significant portion of our little foray into battlegrounds.  It was so cute too when they asked about Wintergrasp.  We warned them, but they seemed ready, willing, and able to handle it!  One of them killed their first Horde within 10 minutes of logging in!  We can certainly use the help.

Battleground Madness!

We killed in a huge run of battlegrounds, welcome some new additions to the Alliance in style! Eventually we moved onto achievements, and had the best time in EotS trying to get Stormtrooper.  First we tried to get the Horde to take the flag in mid, but they wouldn’t take it.  So Exa picked up the flag, and dropped it in front of some Horde, but they all had about 10% health left and died.  Best time i’ve had in a battleground ever, so much laughing in Ventrilo.  We lost the match, but we really weren’t even trying.
Next was the Resilient Victory in Arathi Basin.  We waited, capped a little to early, so we had to fall back behind again, and still managed to snag the achievement for several people.  Freaking awesome game, we had total control of the battleground.
We didn’t lose a single battleground (that we actually tried to win).