Emote spam FTL

This was a much needed win.  After twenty-something Kingslayer attempts, I needed a quick jolt of accomplishment.  Sunnysideup here was emote spamming at me while 4 of his friends were killing me.  I thought it was funnier that we won just then.

More late night/early morning dueling…

I have come to the conclusion that Prot is (still) better than Ret.  Ret just seems so fragile with next to no survivability.  Prot seems a little more stable.  I’ve also got to figure out what to do with my shield.  Stick with the old PvE one for the 82 str, or equip my PvP shield for the extra stamina and resilience.  I hate theorycrafting sometimes.  I thought they were making this easier?

Last guy I dueled here was pretty friendly.  Even logged over to chat for a second, and not a bit of smack talk either.  First for me?  Maybe?

Alterac Valley Blitz!

We managed a blitz!  I already had the achievement, but this tank did a pretty awesome job tanking for our team.  Bunch of people got the achievement.  I died but, meh, I needed my daily win before the reset and it was 3:25 am so I still came out on top.

Just warming up

Started out some premades with a couple of Arathi Basins against another premade.  Both games we fought the same team.  First game we almost got 5 capped.  Second game we did better and barely got 4 capped.  People having to go whittled us down to enough for Warsong and we didn’t lose a single one.  Got a lot of achievements done, couple people got Iron Man, and I got my Not so Fast, Warsong Gulch Veteran, which polished off my Master of Warsong Gulch!

We tried getting Proletaire his Iron Man a couple times, but he wasn’t able to stay alive.  The last team we played was a half premade from our server.  He got the first 2 but died just before the 3rd flag was able to be capped.  Exa played FC, and he was pretty beast.  Barely died at all.  Good times.

Can’t wait!

Got a little something different lined up for Monday.  I’m pretty hyped about it.  It’s a variation on the Know Thy Enemy column.  I will have someone lined up for a class I haven’t covered yet to ask questions to.  So be ready on Monday with your questions!  Gotta be there to see the class too!