This one we REALLY turned around.  We were 2 and 2 for a while, they had flag control.  Then we were 3 capped.  Someone had snagged the flag from the enemy carrier at Dranaei Ruins, and I went to support them.  They died, I grabbed the flag, and the game crashed on me.  I came back in to find  4 cap in progress!  Grabbed the flag again (reflex only) but didn’t crash, and capped it with 4 bases for the win!  No deaths either!

Dueling. Lots, and lots of dueling.

I didn’t feel like battlegrounds, and wanted to get away from Lagaran, so several of us headed to Elwynn for some duels.  We had a good mix of classes, Death Knight, Warlock, Paladin, Rogue, Shadow Priest, and so on.  Had a pretty good time, lots of healers around to keep the duels rolling.
Update: Over 7 hours of solid dueling!

World PvP: Stormwind 10/19/2010

Couple Horde were ganking in Stormwind.  We put ’em down a couple times, and then they disappeared after that.  Had the occasional LocalDefense ping, but we couldn’t find them.  I guess they spent the rest of their time killing AFK Alliance or unsuspecting people coming out of battlegrounds.

Same stuff, different address.

I got the official word from Tumblr support.  The short version is, their new queue system forces you to publish something every day if you use the queue at all.  And since I try to line stuff up well in advance, that doesn’t work for me.  I love(d) Tumblr, but there is really no way around this.
I’m going to try moving to another service, Blogspot.  It has some different ups and downs, so we’ll see how it works out.  If I can’t make it do the same kinds of things Tumblr could, I may stop altogether or just buy my own domain, or do something completely different.  I like the way it looks better, so enjoy the new site!
If you have any suggestions, or see anything different from the old site, feel free to comment.  I may have to tweak a few things to make it feel like home.