M-7 Razorwire Build Guide

M-7 Razorwire Build Theme

The M-7 Razorwire is a Sith heavy bomber.  It’s Republic counterpart is the Rampart Mark IV.  Bombers can play support roles, offensive roles, or defensive roles.  Your job is area denial, keeping your enemy away with mines.  This ship can easily end up with a lot of kills if played properly.  Bombers are great ships to play if you are a new player, or struggling with Galactic Starfighter.

M-7 Razorwire Setup

You can outfit your Mark IV Rampart bomber for different roles.  This build is all about taking and defending satellites in Domination maps.

M-7 Razorwire Components

The first two will be your in-game weapons, the last three will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Heavy Lasers do a huge amount of damage.
  • Secondary Weapons : Seismic Mine deals AoE splash damage all around the satellite to all enemies.
  • Systems : Concussion Mine does the same AoE splash damage, but you can have several out at once.
  • Shields : Overcharge Shield will boost shields and restore lost shields quickly.
  • Engines : Shield Power Converter will help mitigate blaster damage from pesky scouts and gunships.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Reinforced Armor lets you take lots of punishment.
  • Capacitor : Regeneration Extender boosts regen for your Quad Laser Cannons.
  • Reactor : Large Reactor increases your shield strength.
  • Sensors : Range Sensors – Boost your personal enemy detection.  Dampening Sensors may be an option also.

M-7 Razorwire Cosmetics

Whatever you like works here.  Keep it manly.

M-7 Razorwire Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.  Look for the companions with the listed skills.

  • Co-Pilot – Hydro Spanner (Blizz) This ability is so helpful in keeping you alive.


  • Offensive – Rapid Reload and Pinpointing – Faster missile reloads, and better blaster accuracy. (Gault)
  • Defensive – Structural Support and Power To Shields – Damage reduction and increased shields. (Xalek)
  • Tactical – Peripheral Vision and Depth of Field – Increases your detection range in all arcs. (Scorpio)
  • Engineering – Power to Engines and Efficient Maneuvers – Supports sustained blaster fire, and decreases cost of your abilities so you can use them even when you’re low on resources. (Blizz)

Strategy For M-7 Razorwire Bomber Pilots

You were born to circle satellites.  I like to think of it as decorating Christmas trees.  The satellites are big and green, like christmas trees.  Your mines are the ornaments that decorate the tree!  Just deploy all your mines, regulate power to shields, and you can just hear the tears as your enemies try to peel you away.  Seismic explosion after seismic explosion discourages any and all from following you.  You can hold a satellite alone easily against 2-3 enemies.  There is no better satellite defender than the Razorwire bomber.  In Domination maps, you will excel at objectives with nearby obstacles (C in Lost Shipyards, B in Kuat Mesas).  At the beginning of a match, ask a scout to cap an objective for you.  Your engines are a little lacking, so don’t think you’re going to zip across the map.

Your Heavy Laser Cannons are a huge asset.  Don’t be afraid to use them, you’ll find them surprisingly powerful.

The Brute Force Bomber

This bomber is perfect for guarding and taking objectives.  With all its health and armor, you can stay alive forever with your Hydro Spanner ability.  You can use the Hyperspace Beacon for more strategic team play.  This bomber is also great at rewarding enemies that follow too close!  Upgrade the Armor, Magazine, and Reactor minor components first to increase your survivability early on.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, drop it in the comments below.

Other Bomber Builds

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