Beat My Screenshot!

Do you use Facebook or Twitter?  Over on the right you’ll find links to mine.  Like and/or Follow me, and occasionally I have a contest called ‘Beat My Screenshot!’ where you beat the score in a screenshot from the different games I play.  I’ll post and tweet my screenshot to beat, so you only have to join one.  Just respond with your own winning screenshot, or a link to it.  Your screenshot must be taken AFTER mine.  No cheating with old screenshots!

I’ll pick one screenshot from the winners at random, and host it here until another champion is crowned in the next screenshot contest.  That’s right, bragging rights for the ENTIRE INTERNETS!  Don’t have any cool prizes to give away.  If that changes, i’ll be sure to let you know.  You’ll just have to settle for being e-famous until then.  Meanwhile, the game starts now! Go check out my Facebook page and Twitter feed – Keep those Print Screen keys warm, and  GOOD LUCK!

May 2014 Screenshot Winner!