Spearpoint Scout Command Ship Build

Spearpoint Build Theme

The Spearpoint is a Republic scout fighter command ship.  It’s Empire counterpart is the Bloodmark.  A command ship is geared towards a support role, while a scout is meant to lead the charge.  This is an experimental build I am using.  It is not battle tested, so feel free to leave comments with your experiences below.  I developed this build with one of the best scouts on my server, Rumina of Jung Ma.

Spearpoint Setup

Knowing what your Bloodmark is like in battle helps you set it up.  This build is geared towards supporting your teammates, and harassing enemy points until your team can respond.  You will be able to travel the map for days.

Spearpoint Components

The first three will be your in-game weapons, the last two will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Laser Cannon
  • Secondary Weapons : EMP Missiles – Kind of a lesser of evils choice, but the hull damage and fully upgraded effects are nice. Thermite Torpedoes also viable.
  • Systems : Tensor Fields – Speed boost allows you to cross the map with ease, and boosts your team’s response to trouble areas.
  • Shields : Distortion Field – Missile break and evasion.
  • Engines : Power Dive / Snap Turn / Koiogran turn – Standard weapons/missile-dodge ability.  Any will do based on your playstyle.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Lightweight Armor – Evasion is king for scouts.
  • Capacitor : Damage Capacitor – You want all the damage you can get when you have to resort to blasters.
  • Reactor : Large Reactor – More shields.  Enough said.
  • Sensors : Communication Sensors – Because of your ability to traverse the map so easily, this is actually going to be useful for your team.

Spearpoint Cosmetics

Not important.  You’ll just be a blur crossing their screen anyway!

Spearpoint Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.

  • Co-Pilot – Concentrated Fire (HK-51)  Extra burst damage.

  • Offensive – Rapid Reload and Pinpointing – Faster missile launching, and better blaster accuracy. (HK-51)
  • Defensive – Structural Support and Response Tuning – Decrease damage taken, and Evasion. (Bowdaar)
  • Tactical – Depth of Field and Comm Boost – Again, you will be all over the map.  This is actually useful. (Kendra Novar)
  • Engineering – Power to Engines and Efficient Fire – Sustained engine boosting, and lower blaster costs. (Tharan Cedrax)

Strategy For Spearpoint Pilots

Blasters are your main weapons.  EMP missiles can be used when there is an opportunity, but don’t count on them to do too much.  This ship is good for either TDM or Domination.  You should use your Tensor Field as soon as the match starts.  You’ll be in an ideal situation to grab Damage Overcharge in a TDM, or be the first to a satellite in Domination.  Your mobility is a huge advantage, use it to cross the map to defend satellites under attack, or escape when there are too many enemies focusing you.

Other Considerations For The Spearpoint

The Spearpoint plays a lot like the Novadive.  It’s essentially a Novadive with some modifications and minor changes.  Unlock most ships, the Sensors are actually useful because of your mobility.  Unlike the other command ships, you can still play this without using voice chat.  It’s a very odd situation overall.  This is my main ship Empire side, so i’ll be updating the build as experience dictates.  If you have any questions, or feedback, fire away in the comments below.

Other Scout Builds

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