SWTOR Companions

SWTOR Companions

Companions in SWTOR play an important role in your day to day activities, whether you are leveling or at max level.  You gain additional companions as you complete your Class Story Missions.  Each companion has a combat specialty.  They can help you by tanking, healing, or dealing damage to your enemies.  They wear gear just like you, so you must gear them up as you would yourself.  Your companions can also help you indirectly when you direct them to perform crew skills.  Companions also have bonuses to certain crew skills, making them perform crew skills faster, or improve the rewarded items.  Each of the SWTOR classes has a different set of companions.

Sith Warrior

Jedi Knight

Bounty Hunter


Sith Inquisitor

Jedi Consular


Imperial Agent

Other SWTOR Companions

In addition to your story companions, there are additional companions you can unlock in SWTOR.  Currently there are three types of these bonus companions.

Ship Droid Companions

These companions are awarded after you finish the Class Story on Coruscant or Drommund Kaas.  They are healers, and require special gear when you outfit them called Droid Parts.

  • C2-N2 (Republic)
  • 2V-48 (Sith)

Bonus SWTOR Companions

There are currently two bonus SWTOR companions.  They are both available to all SWTOR classes, but have different requirements to unlock them.  Check out the guide on Bonus SWTOR Companions if you are interested in obtaining either one of these companions in SWTOR.

  • HK-51
  • Treek