Bonus Companions

SWTOR Bonus Companions

There are two SWTOR companions that all SWTOR classes can obtain.  These companions are HK-51 the assassin droid, and Treek the female Ewok.  These SWTOR companions have different requirements to unlock them.  The HK-51 SWTOR companion requires you to follow a questline.  The Treek SWTOR companion must be purchased with Cartel Coins or credits.  Below is an overview of each of these bonus SWTOR companions, so you can decide whether they are worth the effort or not.  You can check out the SWTOR Companion Guide and Treek SWTOR Companion Guide to learn exactly how to get each.

HK-51 SWTOR Companion

The HK-51 SWTOR companion is a throwback to the KOTOR game series.  He is a DPS companion, which means he is meant to deal lots of damage.  HK-51 will be ideal for tank or healer SWTOR classes.  The HK-51 SWTOR companion is also a droid, which means you must use droid parts to upgrade him.  This isn’t a big deal, because you will get a set of level 50 rated adaptive gear with him, but you will need to upgrade the mods inside.  This SWTOR companion uses +aim gear.  HK-51 gives a +critical bonus to SWTOR crew skills.

Treek SWTOR Companion

The Treek SWTOR companion is a jack of all trades (Jill of all trades?).  Treek can be a healer companion or tank companion.  Treek will be ideal for any of the SWTOR classes.  The Treek companion will start with a full set of level 10 adaptive gear for healing or tanking(two sets of gear).  This SWTOR companion also uses +Aim gear.  Treek gives a +critical bonus to SWTOR crew skills.

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