SWTOR Crew Skills

SWTOR Crew Skills

Crew skills in SWTOR are the equivalent of crafting professions.  They allow players to create items to use in game, as well as sell on the open market.  Currently crew skills max out at 500 points.  There are two main types of crew skills in SWTOR.  Crafting crew skills and gathering crew skills.

Crafting Crew Skills

Crafting crew skills are used to craft actual items in SWTOR.  You can reverse engineer the resulting items to create more resources to level your crew skills higher, or sell them on the GTN to make credits.

  • Armormech – Craft Trooper and Smuggler themed armor.
  • Armstech – Craft Trooper and Smuggler blasters, rifles, and cannons.
  • Artifice – Craft color crystals and offhands.
  • Biochem – Craft medpacs, stims (buffs), and earpieces/implants.
  • Cybertech – Craft gadgets, mods, and droid parts.
  • Synthweaving – Craft Jedi-themed armor.

Reverse Engineering

You can reverse engineer crafted items to regain some materials used in crafting.  This is a good practice while you are leveling a crafting crew skill.  You can access the reverse-engineer ability through your inventory window.  It is at the top right corner of your inventory menu.

Gathering Crew Skills (Missions)

Gathering crew skills supply the materials for your crafting crew skills.  Gathering crew skills are also broken down into two types, basic and advanced.  Basic gathering crew skills are all that is required to level up crafting crew skills.  Advanced gathering crew skills are required for Rare and Artifact gear.

Basic Gathering Crew Skills

  • Archeology
  • Bioanalysis
  • Scavenging

Advanced Gathering Crew Skills

  • Slicing
  • Diplomacy
  • Investigation
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Underworld Trading

SWTOR Crew Skills and Companions

Your companions in SWTOR are how you access your crew skills.  Based on your level and subscription status, you can have up to four companions using crew skills at a time.  You assign your companions to craft items or perform gathering missions.  A timer will appear, and there will be a set time to accomplish the task based on the level of the task.  Certain companions have bonuses to certain crew skills.  These bonuses come in the form of Efficiency and Critical.  Efficiency bonuses decrease the time required to complete the task.  Critical bonuses result in additional resources gathered, additional items crafted, or an augmentation slot added to the item.