SWTOR Crew Skills: Armormech

Armormech is geared towards tech user classes like Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents, and Troopers.  You can craft standard and adaptive armor for those classes as well as your companions.  The Armormech crew skill requires the Scavenging and Underworld Trading crew skills for materials.  The Scavenging crew skill supplies materials for basic items, and the Underworld Trading crew skill supplies items for crafting improved quality items.  The Slicing crew skill can also be taken instead of Underworld Trading.  Slicing has a chance to discover Armormech schematics.

Benefits Of Armormech Crew Skill

Even Force user classes can benefit from the Armormech crew skill.  Adaptive gear can be crafted and used on companions, or crafted for yourself and removing the mods.  Armormech is also one of three crew skills that can craft Augmentation kits, which are popular sellers on the GTN.

Craftable Items

  • Heavy Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Augmentation Kits
  • Augments (Aim, Cunning, Shield Chance, Shield Absorption)

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Armormech Crew Skill Bonus

  • Imperial Agent / Ensign Raina Temple / +2 Armormech Critical
  • Bounty Hunter / Blizz / +15 Armormech Efficiency
  • Trooper / Tanno Vik / +5 Armormech Critical
  • Smuggler / Akaavi Spar / +10 Armormech Efficiency
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +1 Crafting Critical
  • All Classes / Treek / +1 Crafting Critical