SWTOR Crew Skills: Armstech

The Armstech crew skill crafts Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Assault Cannons, and Sniper Rifles.  This is the crew skill to choose if you want to craft weapons for the Bounty Hunter, Trooper, Smuggler, or Imperial Agent SWTOR classes.  In addition, the Armstech crew skill can also craft augments, augmentation kits, blaster barrels and offhand weapons.  The Armstech crew skill requires the Scavenging and Investigation crew skills for materials.  The Scavenging crew skill supplies materials for basic items, and the Investigation crew skill supplies items for crafting improved quality items.

Useful Weapons From The Armstech Crew Skill

Crafting items with crew skills is generally not profitable while leveling up.  It is best to reverse-engineer them to get the materials back for more crafting.  Like other crew skills, there may be some items that are useful to craft with Armstech.  Mainly these are the orange custom weapons.  Below is a list of the custom weapons you can craft with the Armstech crew skill, along with their level.

Blaster Rifles

The Vanguard Trooper, Powertech Bounty Hunter and Operative Imperial Agent SWTOR advanced classes can use Blaster rifles.  Some companions can use them as well.

  • Enhanced Supercommando’s Blaster Rifle (54)
  • Night Watch Rifle (54)
  • Elegant Modified Blaster Rifle (50)
  • GenoHaradan Agent’s Rifle (48)
  • M-008 Deadeye (48)
  • Rifle of the Skyraiders (48)
  • Garrison (48)
  • Custom-Built Blaster Rifle (20)

Blaster Pistols

The Mercenary Bounty Hunter, Gunslinger Smuggler, and Scoundrel Smuggler SWTOR advanced classes use Blaster Pistols.  Some companions can use them as well.

  • Ion-XX Blaster (54)
  • Enhanced Eliminator’s Blaster Pistol (54)
  • Enhanced Field Tech’s Blaster Pistol (54)
  • Elegant Modified Blaster Pistol (50)
  • Gamble (48)
  • GenoHaradan Agent’s Pistol (48)
  • Hylo Visz’s Sidearm (48)
  • Guardmaster (48)
  • Nico Okarr’s Holdout Blaster
  • Rocksteady (48)
  • Two-Finger’s Revenge (48)
  • Custom-Built Blaster Pistol (20)

Assault Cannons

Assault Cannons are for the Commando advanced classes only.  Some companions can use them as well.

  • Ion-XX Crusader (54)
  • Enhanced Eliminator’s Assault Cannon (54)
  • Elegant Modified Assault Cannon (50)
  • Annihilator-5 Cannon (48)
  • Havoc’s Fist (48)
  • Custom-Built Assault Cannon (20)

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are for Sniper advanced classes only.  Some companions can use them as well.

  • Camouflaged Sniper (54)
  • Improved Field Tech’s Sniper Rifle (54)
  • Elegant Modified Sniper Rifle (50)
  • Ten-Kilometer Killer (48)
  • Custom-Built Sniper Rifle (20)


Shotguns are for Scoundrel advanced classes only.  They can also be used by some companions.

  • C-32 Frag Storm Shotgun (54)


Vibroknives are for Operative advanced classes only.  They can also be used by some companions.

  • Blade of Zealous Lethality (54)


You can craft some melee weapons with the Armstech crew skill.  These are used by Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors advanced classes.  Some companions can use them as well.

  • Grandmaster Freelancer’s  Vibroblade (54)
  • Grandmaster Trickster’s Electroblade (54)
  • Grandmaster Trickster’s Tech Staff (54)
  • Grandmaster Freelancer’s  Techblade (54)
  • Elegant Modified Vibroblade (50)
  • Elegant Modified Electroblade (50)
  • Elegant Modified Tech Staff (50)
  • Elegant Modified Techblade (50)
  • The Chopper (48)
  • Typhoon-5 Electrostaff (48)
  • Custom-Built Vibroblade (20)
  • Custom-Built Electroblade (20)
  • Custom-Built Tech Staff (20)
  • Custom-Built Techblade (20)

Other Useful Items From The Armstech Crew Skill

There are a few items beyond weapons that this crew skill has that sell on the GTN.  Mainly these revolve around augments.  Generally lower level augments and augmentation kits are not worth it.  It’s not worth the time and credits to augment your gear.  The max level ones should sell decently well.

Augmentation Kits

Augmentation kits are useable by all SWTOR classes at various levels.

  • Augmentation Kit MK-9 (For level 55 augments)


Augments are useable by all SWTOR classes at various levels.

  • Accuracy (Endurance/Accuracy)
  • Critical (Endurance/Critical)
  • Overkill (Endurance/Power)
  • Surge (Endurance/Surge)

Blaster Barrels

Blaster Barrels can be produced for all SWTOR classes and companions that use blasters.  You can use the Armstech crew skill to craft barrels for various levels.

  • Skill (Cunning/Endurance)
  • Patron (Endurance/Cunning)
  • Reflex (Aim/Endurance)
  • Commando (Endurance/Aim)

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Armstech Crew Skill Bonus

  • Trooper / Aric Jorgan / +10 Armstech Efficiency
  • Smuggler / Corso Riggs / +5 Armstech Critical
  • Jedi Knight / Sergeant Rusk / +10 Armstech Efficiency
  • Jedi Consular / Lieutenant Iresso / +2 Armstech Critical
  • Sith Warrior / Malavai Quinn / +10 Armstech Efficiency
  • Imperial Agent / Kaliyo D’Jannis / +10 Armstech Efficiency
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +1 Crafting Critical
  • All Classes / Treek / +1 Crafting Critical
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.