SWTOR Crew Skills: Artifice

Artifice is primarily geared towards Force using classes like the Consular, Knight, Inquisitor and Warrior.  Both the Archeology and Treasure Hunting crew skills supply Artifice.  Archeology supplies artifacts and power crystals necessary for basic crafting.  Treasure hunting supplies gemstones needed for prototype and artifact recipes.

Benefits of Artifice Crew Skill

All SWTOR classes can benefit from the Artifice crew skill, but it is geared toward Force user classes.  There are several augments unique to Artifice that none of the other crew skills can make. The main draw to the artifice crew skill is that it allows you to craft color crystals to personalize your lightsaber or blaster fire.

Craftable Items

  • Item Modifications
  • Color Crystals
  • Enhancements
  • Weapon Hilts
  • Lightsabers
  • Offhand items

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Artifice Crew Skill Bonus

  • Jedi Knight / Lord Scourge / +10 Artifice Efficiency
  • Sith Inquisitor / Khem Val / +15 Artifice Efficiency
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +1 Crafting Critical
  • All Classes / Treek / +1 Crafting Critical