SWTOR Crew Skills: Cybertech

Cybertech is useful for every class.  Cybertech is like having several of the SWTOR crew skills wrapped into one.  You can craft a variety of items for yourself and your SWTOR companions, especially droids (HK-51 and your ship droid).  The Cybertech crew skill requires the Scavenging and Underworld Trading crew skills for materials.  The Scavenging crew skill supplies materials for basic items, and the Underworld Trading crew skill supplies items for crafting improved quality items.

Benefits of Cybertech Crew Skill

Again, every one of the SWTOR classes will benefit from the Cybertech crew skill.  The items are used for a wide range of purposes, including Space Missions and companions.

Craftable Items

  • Item Modifications
  • Earpieces
  • Droid Parts
  • Grenades
  • Mounts
  • Ship Upgrades

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Cybertech Crew Skill Bonus

  • Trooper / M1-4X / +5 Cybertech Efficiency
  • Smuggler / Bowdaar / +10 Cybertech Efficiency
  • Jedi Consular / Tharan Cedrax / +10 Cybertech Efficiency
  • Bounty Hunter / Mako / +5 Cybertech Efficiency
  • Sith Warrior / Lieutenant Pierce / +10 Cybertech Efficiency
  • Imperial Agent / SCORPIO / +10 Cybertech Efficiency
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +1 Crafting Critical
  • All Classes / Treek / +1 Crafting Critical
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.