SWTOR Crew Skills: Investigation

Investigation Crew Skill Gathering

The Investigation crew skill gathers advanced materials for advanced schematics.  You can craft Rare and Artifact items using Investigation materials.  You can use your SWTOR companions to run Investigation missions.  These Investigation missions provide the following materials:

  • Schematics
  • Researched Compounds

SWTOR Crew Skills That Use Investigation

  • Armstech

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Investigation Crew Skill Bonus

  • Smuggler / Gus Tuno / +2 Investigation Critical
  • Bounty Hunter / Torian Cadera / +10 Investigation Efficiency
  • Sith Inquisitor / Khem Val / +5 Investigation Efficiency
  • Imperial Agent / Doctor Lokin / +10 Investigation Efficiency
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +5 Mission Efficiency
  • All Classes / Treek / +5 Mission Efficiency

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