SWTOR Crew Skills: Synthweaving

The Synthweaving skill is geared towards Force user classes in SWTOR.  Synthweaving is used to craft Strength and Willpower armor.  Synthweaving requires the Archaeology and Underworld Trading crew skills for crafting materials.  Archeology supplies artifacts and power crystals necessary for basic crafting.   Underworld Trading supplies luxury cloth and underworld metals needed to make prototype and artifact armor.

Benefits Of Synthweaving Crew Skill

Even non-Force user classes can benefit from the Synthweaving crew skill.  Adaptive gear can be crafted and used on companions, or crafted for yourself and removing the mods.

Craftable Items

  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Augmentation Kits
  • Augments (Willpower, Strength, Defense, Presence and Alacrity)

SWTOR Classes and Companions With Synthweaving Crew Skill Bonus

  • Jedi Consular/Nadia Grell/+10 Synthweaving Efficiency
  • Jedi Knight/Kira Carsen/+5 Synthweaving Critical
  • Sith Warrior/Jaesa Willsaam/+5 Synthweaving Critical
  • Sith Inquisitor/Ashara Zavros/+10 Synthweaving Efficiency
  • Ship droids can be upgraded for anything through Legacy ship vendor.
  • All Classes / HK-51 / +1 Crafting Critical
  • All Classes / Treek / +1 Crafting Critical