Getting Into Star Citizen

What Is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is a space sci-fi themed MMORPG that is derived from the Wing Commander / Privateer game universe.  It is often referred to as a sandbox game, meaning there is no story to follow.  You control your own destiny!  It will feature FPS style ground combat, as well as space combat.  All of this takes place on just one server!  Currently Star Citizen is in Alpha Development, a very early stage of game development that is incomplete, can have lots of bugs, as well as imbalanced combat.  If that’s ok by you, then you can get into the Star Citizen action right now.  Below i’m going to go over how to get into Star Citizen today, and what you can expect.

What To Buy

You need to buy a game package from the Star Citizen website to get started.  The single ship packages start at $40.  The important things to look for in the packages in addition to the ship are in game currency, beta access, and a digital download of the game when it is released.  Star Citizen Digital Download is the full game copy when it is released.  Look at the picture below to see where your package extras can be found.  *Before you add a ship to your cart though, keep reading.  There is a potential catch based on your ship choice.

Before you lock into a purchase, you should know only the following ships are available to play in the Star Citizen Arena Commander module right now:

  • Aurora
  • 300i
  • Hornet

If you buy any other package, you will receive a loaner ship that is closest in price to your package.  (Avenger packages will get a 300i, Freelancer packages will get a Hornet, etc).  You can always buy a package containing one of these, and just upgrade later.  The web store has a great feature that lets you exchange your package once very 24 hours!  So if you buy something now, you can easily swap it out later.  Just make sure your new package contains the same benefits as your old package.   Pay attention to the area I highlighted in the picture above.  As time goes on, new packages will likely offer less than old packages.  A new service also lets you upgrade instead of swapping whole packages.

It is also important to keep in mind that the selection of ships is always changing.  Old ships return to the store for a limited time, and new ships are added.  Don’t panic though, because there are only two ships that won’t return to the store, so you haven’t missed anything.  Now is still a great time to jump into Star Citizen!

Once you decide on a package, you will also need to add the Arena Commander module to your cart ($5 extra).  This is the only way to play Star Citizen before beta.  The cheapest way to get into Star Citizen will cost $45.

You can play with a mouse and keyboard, so no joystick is needed.  Star Citizen does support joysticks, and i’ll be showing you some of the more highly recommended ones soon.

Star Citizen Content

Right now Star Citizen offers only two modules.  The first is the hangar module.  Inside the hangar you can look at the exterior and interior of your ship.  Some ships are in the hangar module, but not in the Arena Commander module.  Some ships aren’t even in the hangar module!  Some ships only let you look at the exterior.  Remember, this is alpha.  You can always check YouTube to see if a walk-through for the ship you are interested in is available.  You can also run around your hangar, and shoot at moving targets with a weapon emplacement.  It’s the little things, right?

The next module is the Arena Commander module you’ve seen me mentioning.  This is the dogfighting module where you actually get to fly your ship!  Currently there are two modes available.  Free flight mode lets you just fly.  Learn the controls, and roam a little section of space.  Vanduul swarm mode lets you fight wave after wave of enemy Vanduul ships to test your combat mettle!  A multiplayer mode is technically available, but is being rolled out based on when you got your package.  The sooner you adopted, the sooner you will get in.  The multiplayer mode lets you fight against other players.  So if you want into the multiplayer mode, you better act quick!

The Future Of Star Citizen

As Star Citizen earns more money, new extras are awarded to all current backers.  Extras like hangar decorations, engine upgrade kits, and so on.  Getting into Star Citizen sooner than later will have benefits.  More modules are on the way, with the full release of the game expected by the end of 2015.  If you have any questions or comments about Star Citizen, drop them in the comments below.  I’ll get to them as soon as I can.  I’ve got a wave of Vanduul to take care of first…

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